Container Transport in Ontario Requires Knowledge for Safe and Secure Delivery

Now more than ever, businesses in Canada and especially the GTA, are seeking safe and secure storage, plus timely delivery of their products.  There can be delays now in shipments due to the restrictions that vary in the USA and Canada due to the Pandemic.  Products that are shipped or stored unsafely will perish or be damaged, and this costs businesses money they cannot easily afford now.  Ontario Container Transport (OCT) has years of professional experience in timely delivery and safe storage and many companies remain their loyal customers for the lifetime of their own business. 

Shipping of any products or goods can vary tremendously from one project to the next.  OCT offers full truckload (FTL) shipping services as well as less than a truckload services (LTL) and has the storage capabilities and adaptabilities for those occasions when a time of delivery is delayed.  There are weather related delays sometimes, and for many companies shipping goods now, the Pandemic restrictions can delay shipments.  Safe storage facilities are a necessity for these occasions and OCT does provide these when necessary. 

OCT has such a great reputation it is considered the top shipping company of all types and sizes of containers in Ontario for many years now.  The endless variety of shipping methods, whether air, ocean, rail, or truck has helped to establish their reputation, as well as the safety and security of their warehousing and storage facilities.  OCT also keeps abreast of the latest needs of all clients and can strategically pick up any container from a location and easily “drop it” safely and securely onto another location. 

Customer service is a priority as well with OCT and this has also added to their great reputation amongst Ontario businesses.  A spokesman for the company stated, “We consider ourselves a part of the clients’ “team” and we treat their goods and products as if they were our own.  We never take chances on our shipping methods, and we go over all the logistics carefully with each client and with our staff before transport even begins.” 

Shipping quickly and safely is now more important than ever, as prices are rising steadily on goods.  Any losses that occur cost any company money and this eventually is passed along to the consumer for a company to stay in business.   This is a vicious cycle that can be avoided by using OCT for shipping as losses will generally not occur, not with the attention to detail that OCT puts into all shipping orders. 

The shipping specialists at OCT work with each client from the first contact to final delivery, with updates given on the shipping frequently so no client will end up needlessly worrying about their shipment.  The best in shipping in Ontario is also cost-effective using OCT, and all initial consultations are free.  Do not take chances with any shipping needs as OCT stands ready to ensure a safe and speedy delivery. Proper packing, with constant contact with drivers, and updates on delivery do make a difference.

About Ontario Container Transport

Ontario Container Transport in Ontario, Canada, is considered the number one provider of all types of shipping services in Ontario, the GTA, and even internationally.  Pricing is affordable and the logistics of all shipments are worked out completely before any shipment starts.  Warehousing also is offered as well as other services and customer service is the top priority with specially trained personnelPacking, tracking, and delivery updates are routine with OCT shipping services.

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