Less Than Truckload Freight Delivery Can Save Companies a Great Deal of Money

With costs of freight shipping on every product companies’ minds now, Less Than Truckload (LTL) solutions to cargo delivery are being sought in Toronto and the GTA, as well as cross-border shipping when allowed during the Pandemic.  LTL is in demand now simply because although companies are still shipping goods and products, they are more aware of costs, especially with the rising costs of diesel fuel.  Waiting until they can use an FTL (Full Truck Load) shipment can impair a companies’ ability to ship whenever needed.  The typical weight of an FTL is 40000 lbs. and this hampers the amount of times companies seek to ship.

Not all companies offer LTL freight delivery in Canada.  However, RoadLINX, of Woodbridge, ON, specializes in this type of freight delivery, and take into consideration the types of freight, and the safest and most cost-effective methods for all their clients to use LTL freight shipping.  LTL is best used for goods or products that are large, as other items can then be stored on top of them, from other companies even, and does reduce the costs this way.  It can be called a “space-sharing” type of freight delivery. The ability to safely handle LTL shipments is paramount to those using this type of service. 

All types of air and land freight can be handled by LTL shipments, and RoadLINX provides the knowledge and services that will ensure safe delivery.  RoadLINX can and will wrap and palletize shipments if needed, using blanket wrapping or other materials.  They will also secure all cargo completely if necessary, using their wide range of accessories before any shipment begins.  The company provides escort handling which might be needed for any over-sized loads.

Permits for over-sized loads and other types of loads can vary from territory to territory and especially within intercontinental shipments.  RoadLINX is familiar with both escort handling and the permit process.  Knowing about these processes avoids fines and delays with any type of freight shipments.   LTL freight shipments since combinations of goods or products are being shipped does need an expert consultation on permits before proceeding.  

Expedited shipping, especially of perishables is also available in LTL through RoadLINX.  Of course, this, as well as the permits needed must all be factored into the costs but the specialists at RoadLINX offer free consultations so no “surprise” billings occur for any company.  These logistics are all discussed prior to any contracts being signed and what a company is quoted is the amount they will pay.  Complete and accurate cost-factoring makes RoadLINX also stand out from the crowd of freight carriers. 

LTL affordable and completely secure shipping can be found and a premier provider like RoadLINX should be used to ensure safe delivery of all cargo or freight.  Monies are lost when products or goods are damaged and of course, this hurts any company financially.  Checking with RoadLINX on their LTL services and experience is a great first step for any company seeking LTL shipping.

About RoadLINX

Based in Woodbridge, ON, RoadLINX provides all manner of air and land freight and cargo delivery services, with a focus now on LTL (Less Than Truckload) transportation of goods.  This type of service is hard to find, but very necessary now, and RoadLINX provides free consultations and an in-depth look at all logistics saving their clients money in the long run.  Their focus is on customer satisfaction and safety of all LTL freight and cargo. 

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