A Toronto Flooring Company Unveils an Engineered Hardwood Floor Guide

A Toronto flooring company has released a guide for its customers on the benefits of installing engineered hardwood floors.

Three Trees Flooring wants its customers to know that they don’t necessarily have to opt for a pure hardwood floor if they have their heart set on a wood floor, but the budget is tight.

“An engineered hardwood floor can still transform someone’s home and we just want to help people understand the difference between the two options and understand they are not sacrificing quality by taking this option. We have included all of the details of what goes into making an engineered hardwood floor on our website.

“An engineered hardwood floor starts with a backing layer, then we use a tongue and groove, cross ply construction to give the floor enhanced structural integrity. Then we add a layer of your chosen hardwood on top of this structure. Finally, it is finished with a special oil called Osmo UV-Poly-X-Oil that helps to hydrate and protect the wood.

“The wood comes in different widths, lengths and thicknesses to create different looks for customers, depending on what they are trying to create. They can be a gloss or matte look. All of the wood we use is FSC certified, which is important to man of our clients.

“Protecting your floor is key to its longevity and keeping wood hydrated will allow it to last for longer. We recommend that our customers use an Osmo Wash and Care solution, which is something homeowners can use in their day to day cleaning routines. It can be used on cork and wooden floors that have been treated with Osmo Polyx-Oil. It can also be used on stone, plastic, PVC, varnished and other water resistant surfaces.

“It is also really important for homeowners to maintain their wood floors using special treatments, particularly if the floors are used a lot.

“We use Osmo Polyx-Oil to treat and restore wood floors for our clients. The product is based on natural vegetable waxes and if it is used regularly, it can save homeowners expensive and time consuming renovation work to bring their wood floors back to life.

“We can create a floor to suit any home, space or style. There are so many different options. We have five different collections, each with several different woods in different patterns and colors for our customers can choose from,” he added.

Three Trees Flooring offer customers a free quote for installing a hardwood floor in their homes or customers can speak to representatives in one of 18 retailers who stock the company’s wood flooring across the Great Toronto Area.

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Three Trees Flooring manufactures hardwood and engineered hardwood floors for customers in Canada and North America. It can work with customers direct and it has 18 distributors across the Greater Toronto Area.

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