Teletherapy Speech Therapy is Now Available in Toronto for Children and Adults

The need for speech therapy and behaviour therapy has not diminished because of Covid-19.  In fact, the need has increased, since distance learning can be the norm in a lot of schools.  Distance learning is especially difficult for children with Autism, ADHD, and other disorders, and even for children who simply cannot understand the written word without body language that accompanies it.  The same holds true for many adults, as those that need speech therapy as children generally also need it as adults

Therapy Spot of Toronto is providing speech therapy and behaviour therapy online with certified counsellors to meet this increasing need.  The speech language therapy is offered with behaviour analysis also, as many times the two need to be simultaneously addressed.  While in office visits are still available, being able to access speech therapy and behaviour analysis via videoconferencing is welcomed by many in Toronto and the GTA now. 

Learning difficulties via teletherapy can be addressed singularly or in group sessions for children who are struggling to understand online lessons via only the written word on a computer screen.  In addition, many adults who now must work remotely and had speech and language difficulties prior to remote work can find it difficult to communicate with co-workers via videoconferencing.  Teletherapy addresses these issues nicely. 

Behavioural issues have erupted in many children because of the isolation of lockdowns and therapists that specialize in these types of issues are available through Teletherapy Spot.  Stressed out parents now can engage a behavioural therapist and address their child’s issues with confidence and knowledge. 

As one parent stated, “My son could not, or would not engage in online schooling.  His mind wandered despite the fact he once was a star student.  He also started acting out with tantrums, and he was already ten years old, and this worried me also as he had never been a disruptive child before.  After only two sessions with a behavioural therapist from Therapy Spot, I was able to introduce the measures that were suggested, and his attention span increased along with his communication during lessons, while his outbursts diminished.  I will keep using Therapy Spot for my future follow up needs with my son. “

Verbal expression difficulties have become more common during the Pandemic in Toronto as not everyone or every child is comfortable in front of a computer screen.  Teletherapy, however, is not for everyone, nor is any type of online therapy or offline therapy and a consultation must occur prior to setting up teletherapy. 

Therapy Spot offers a free first 15-minute consultation to assess each client and then matches each client with a therapist that meets their or their child’s needs.  Teletherapy is a convenient approach that saves travel time but is not for everyone and a consultation will ensure that it is right for each client that calls.  Therapy Spot wants each client to address their issues in the best manner possible.

About Therapy Spot

Based in Toronto, ON, Therapy Spot has licensed and seasoned counsellors that can address speech and language difficulties in adults and children, and behaviour problems in children.  With online learning now becoming the norm, difficulties in these areas have increased and teletherapy speech therapy and behaviour analysis and modification techniques are welcomed by busy individuals in Toronto and the GTA.  The initial 15-minute consultation is free. 

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