Commercial Spray Foam Insulation is Being Sought by Many Businesses in Ontario

Although commercial spray foam insulation is more expensive to install usually than residential, it is so cost-effective in terms of reducing energy bills that many businesses and commercial properties do install it.  The truth is that Ontario can be horridly cold yet experience heat waves that come on unexpectedly.  Any cracks or gaps in a building allow the heat or air conditioning that commercial enterprises supply to their employees, escape driving up energy costs. 

While most businesses can control the costs of other utilities and commercial equipment, controlling heat and air conditioning utility costs is difficult if not impossible.  Having a commercial property insulated using insulation will assist in not wasting heating and cooling within the property.  Doing the insulation with a company that does not specialize can be a waste of money as each property must be thoroughly evaluated before the insulation process begins.

Businesses or commercial property owners can have the inspection done via the company they choose, or by using an outside entity that specializes in these types of inspections.  Thoroughness is important in the pre-inspection.  Foam Insulation of Newmarket, ON, can do the pre-inspection and ensure that it is thorough and that all areas of a property are inspected thoroughly. 

With any commercial entity the outside and inside of the property must be inspected prior.  With years of experience, this Spray Foam is a great choice for any business or commercial property, and commercial properties can even include multi-unit residential properties

As a spokesperson for Foam Insulation states, “We provide many types of insulation.  However, spray foam insulation is usually more cost effective than other types, and more malleable, leading more complete coverage of small cracks and gaps that might otherwise be leaking air out of and into a building.” 

One technician at Foam Insulation took the time to point out this fact: “The size of the property matters a great deal, as do the deliverables needed.  With commercial properties that are quite large, scaffolding may even be needed, and this will add to the costs overall of the application of spray foam insulation. Other factors might also exist such as the age of the building and any warping around windows or doors.  All these deliverables must be considered when factoring the price that a property owner will need to pay for insulation that is thorough.“

Overall, spray foam insulation will last for years or even decades with some upkeep and maintenance in between and will over the course of the lifetime of a property pay for itself in utility costs.  The larger the property, the higher the energy utility costs. 

Although it can be an investment in the beginning hiring a company such as Foam Insulation will ensure that it turns into a money-saving investment with the proper procedures and skills in place for complete coverage.  It is a corporate responsibility to ensure a good environment for employees.  Foam Insulation will assist with that mission

About Foam Insulation

Located in Newmarket, ON, Foam Insulation is a premier provider of spray foam commercial insulation.  Their mission is total insulation of a property, and many other types of insulation are available, however, spray foam is very cost effective especially for commercial properties.  There is a lifetime limited warranty available and a free consultation which takes into all aspects of a project.

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