Get to the Root of Unwanted Hairs with Solea Beauty Lounge

Unwanted hairs on the body can be a big irritant, and shaving is not a solution as they simply grow back repeatedly. Hair growth on the face or legs can be particularly undesirable.

Because of this, new techniques have been developed to remove unwanted hairs in a safe and effective way. One of the most common treatments in the US is laser hair removal. By using high concentrations of light to target and remove hair from the root, laser treatment is both safe and efficient. It is also a pain-free alternative to methods such as waxing, bleaching and plucking that can be a little uncomfortable and time consuming for the patient.

Laser treatment works with the laser light being targeted into the unwanted hairs in order to destroy the follicles. The treatment is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that is conducted over a series of appointments. The hairs are removed after a period of time with the application of the laser.

A spokeswoman for Solea Beauty Lounge in Sunny Isles Beach had this to say about the spa’s approach to laser hair removal. “Our customers come to us regularly to remove unwanted hair that has developed on their body, but do not want to experience the discomfort of waxing or other treatments. Laser hair removal is a great alternative to painful procedures, and the soothing warmth that is absorbed in the skin can in fact be quite a relaxing experience for the patient.”

“Another benefit of laser hair removal is that the treatment is completely non-invasive. Our patients work with us to plan a schedule of appointments over several weeks or months. Because the treatment is so non-invasive, they do not need to factor in any impact on their regular life, work or family commitments. They can simply focus on building a schedule that is convenient and works best for them to get the unwanted hair removed.”

After the initial consultation has been carried out and a schedule agreed, each laser treatment session lasts for around 20 minutes.

The number of courses of treatment that are needed depend on the thickness and quantity of the hair, and the patient’s skin condition. “How long it takes to see tangible results largely depends on those factors, but patients generally see some progress within 2-3 weeks after their first treatment. A little patience is sometimes required because each hair follicle is at a different stage of development, meaning each one has to be picked off for the treatment to be at its most effective.”

Although hormone cycles can sometimes make hair reappear, the majority of people experience permanent removal of hair in the affected area following laser treatment. Follow-up appointments for a few additional rounds of laser treatment can address this problem.

As well as removing unwanted hairs, laser treatment also offers some side benefits for patients. It can also reduce the risk of ingrown hairs by encouraging hairs to develop straighter. It can also serve to smooth skin and make it less susceptible to irritation.

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