Mark Spencer Announces New Book “Millionaire Mind in 5 Days” Helping People Reach Their Full Potential

Self-made multi-millionaire and business mentor Mark Spencer has written and published a new book for people who want to turn their lives around and achieve their goal in life

Self-made multi-millionaire and sales expert Mark Spencer announces his new book Millionaire Mind in 5 Days. The purpose of the book is to provide people looking for a new job or new career tips, guides, and exclusive information on how to achieve their goals.

The book is written from an honest and sincere point of view, discussing those habits and behaviors that lead to failure and prevent people from achieving their goals in life.

Mark Spencer teaches his readers the importance of hard work, positive thinking, and commitment to eliminating bad habits as the secrets to wealth, happiness, and success.

Mark Spencer is a former Sales Director for Nissan who holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Delaware. He has also operated many successful businesses, growing them from the ground up to become part of his business empire.

But things haven’t been all good and nice for Mark Spencer as he has had a fair share of life’s unfavorable circumstances. Growing up was tough for him as he struggled to overcome childhood deprivation and severe depression. He’s a former gambling addict, alcoholic and prison convict who has suffered several failures in his love life, personal life, and business ventures. But despite all the challenges, he was able to turn his life around and become the success he is today.

Writing “Millionaire Mind In 5 Days” is not about money; he already has that. He realized there are so many people out there who have huge potentials, but they don’t have anyone to mentor them or tell them how to turn their life around.

The information contained in this book helped him a lot in getting his life back on track. So, he believes that if other people look, read it, and apply it in their lives, they might also reach the kind of success he has achieved so far in his adventurous and wonderful life.

The 240-page book is written in English using plain and simple language that everyone will understand. It’s so interesting that most people who’ve read it say they couldn’t stop taking notes and turning the pages. It’s time for everyone to turn their lives around and become who they’re meant to be, and this book is the perfect companion in this journey.

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About Mark Spencer

Mark Spencer is an author, salesperson, and successful businessman based in the United Kingdom. He runs a couple of successful businesses and has a genuine desire to help people. He is the founder and CEO of W.W.A.S.S.P (Worldwide Association of Sales and Service Professionals), launched in 2021.

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