How To Buy 18K Fine Gold Jewelry Online Like A Pro in UAE

Gold Zone, one of the largest 18k gold jewelry retail online stores selling jewelry from 2018 and made happy millions of customers with their item quality and services. Every day they are bringing the new stylish design jewelry which is top trendy and unique in UAE. You can find designer gold bangles, gold bracelet for women, butterfly necklaces, heart necklaces, hoop earrings, choker necklace, and much more designer jewelry.

“The expansion will strengthen the group’s retail footprints in territories where it has strong presence.”

While there are still not as many people shopping in the malls even as the pandemic restrictions have somewhat eased, in reality, people are continuing to shop. This has been true for fine jewelry brands, according to a shop owner.

“People don’t stop buying when there’s a crisis, but they think about their purchases more carefully,” says jewelry designer Gold Zone.

There has been a lot less visitor on Gold Zone online store, but their regular customer has been buying gold jewelry regularly. In this crisis, people have more time to really think of what they are looking for and what they want and they have been buying more unique pieces with higher quality and value.

First of First

For this week’s Ask the Expert, Seyam walks us through what people should know about buying fine jewelry now, whether for investment or for personal enjoyment.

“It begins with the material since it will dictate the quality and durability of your purchase,” He says.

It pays to know the differences between 1) gold vermeil or gold-plated (base is 92.5 percent silver and is electroplated with pure gold to give the golden color, which can last years if maintained properly); 2) sterling silver (durable and can last a lifetime; discolors but a quick polish will give back its natural color and shine); and 3) 18k gold (made of 18 parts pure gold mixed with six parts other metals, is most practical and safe to use because it’s less likely to cause allergies).

“The difference between platinum and white gold, aside from price, is their composition,” Seyam explains. “Platinum is purer with 95- to 98-percent platinum composition, while white gold has a mixture of copper, nickel, and zinc. Platinum is more durable than gold. The color difference of platinum and white gold cannot be distinguished.”

He adds, “Yellow, rose and white gold has to be polished and replated, but not as often as platinum. Platinum scratches more and the upkeep cost is higher since it has to be polished and cleaned regularly. Gold is the easiest to maintain because it does not corrode or rust.”


“Make sure that you know the kind of gemstone that’s in the jewelry. Gemstones can be natural, synthetic, and imitations. Natural gemstones are found on Earth. Synthetic gemstones are lab-grown,” Seyam explains.

He advises buying from established and reputable stores, to be sure of the quality. “Reputable brands won’t ruin their name by selling jewelry that is subpar. It also gives the customer a safe feeling that they have somewhere to have their jewelry cleaned or fixed.”

Ask for recommendations from people you trust, He adds, especially if you’re buying online, which is now very popular.

Read reviews of the brand. Reputable jewelers accept returns when there is a problem. “If it offers payment via credit card, it is a sign that it is an established brand. Credit card companies will protect your purchases.”

Ultimately, make sure that you’re buying something that reflects who you are—something that speaks to you, Seyam adds. “Jewelry is not an inexpensive purchase and can last you a lifetime. It should be something that makes your heart skip a beat.”


Certification is one of the main parts when you are buying gold jewelry from anywhere. An authentic gold certificate builds more confidence in buyers. So before buy jewelry asks them, they are providing gold authentic certification if yes then you should go with them.

Gold Zone Collection

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