SideJobs Unlimited, LLC Announces Release of the SideJobs Mobile App, A Powerful Mobile Marketplace to Find Work, Generate Extra Income

The “shopping local” experience for work, the SideJobs Mobile App is helping people get more done while generating extra income for local community members in an effort to uplift and rebuild connection within communities. Get work done or generate extra income across 15 service categories with the SideJobs Mobile App.

SideJobs Unlimited, LLC has announced the release of the SideJobs Mobile App, a powerful new mobile marketplace where people can find common work and get common work done within their local communities. Expected to revolutionize the future of work, the SideJobs Mobile App has been garnering national attention and acclaim since its debut in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store earlier this month.

A dual-sided platform for service seekers and providers, the SideJobs Mobile App empowers each side with optimized functionalities for a seamless work experience. Service seekers can schedule jobs or tasks that need to be completed, specify their budget limitations, and vet providers from within the application. Once jobs are accepted, users are connected through live integrated progress updates, chat messages, and phone calls, as needed, to facilitate the completion of the project. When work is complete, providers can be paid electronically, contact-free, using a secure four-digit verification code after uploading before and after to the app for approval and transparency.

Providing a streamlined work experience, other notable features include real-time calendar and job scheduling, GPS tracking, job status updates, social media verification, and earnings tracking, which all help to create a safe and secure experience for service seekers and providers so seekers can get more jobs done, and providers can make extra cash by completing local projects for their neighbors.

“The SideJobs Mobile App is very easy to use,” remarked Aaron Cook, an early user of the platform. “The app allows you to seek work or to have someone do a job for you. I love how it allows you to add before and after pictures and pay completely contact-free. You can negotiate prices before work is completed and even see multiple offers for the same job, creating a competitive bidding process,” he added.

Revolutionizing work in 15 categories, including Auto Services, Babysitting, Hair/Beauty, Handyman, Housekeeping, IT/Computer, Landscaping, Misc./Other, Painting, Personal Trainer, Pet Services, Photography, Plumbing, Snow Services, and Tutoring, the SideJobs Mobile App connects service seekers with new and experienced providers alike, and even allows professional certifications to be uploaded and displayed for jobs requiring qualified, licensed work.

Bringing communities together after the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic kept people apart, the SideJobs Mobile App has created a new way to connect through service to help bring communities back to a new normal. The platform also helps to combat pandemic-related job loss and unemployment by allowing anyone to generate extra income in a job category suitable for their skillset.

Registration is free, and there are no hidden fees, subscription fees, or recurring charges to enjoy the ad-free SideJobs Mobile App. The platform is supported by a low 9.9% fee for each job listed, while service providers keep 100% of the accepted offer price.

To learn more, please visit Download the application today from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store to join the local work movement.

About SideJobs Mobile App

SideJobs Mobile App is a powerful new mobile marketplace where people can find common work and get common work done within their local communities. The SideJobs Mobile App was developed by Hans and Ashley Nielsen, a veteran couple, who were inspired to create a marketplace for side jobs that could generate extra cash, and empower the job seeker and provider with an efficient, streamlined process. The platform has been uplifting and rebuilding communities through the power of service to others.

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