SmartWriter cites ways AI written hyper-personalised outreach emails can help marketers get 80% open rates and booking rate

Top A.I. outreach software SmartWriter cited the importance of leveraging personalisation to achieve 80% open rates and earn revenue from individual customers. 

Cold email, like SEO, is among the most guaranteed ways to grow business sustainably and predictably. The ability to reach out to new customers, entice them and convert them into paid users is a powerful artform.

“Cold-emailing, however, is time-consuming. In a post-pandemic era, customers expect personalised service that follows their interest and behaviour. That’s why it’s all the more crucial to leverage personalisation,” said Vaibhav Namburi, founder of SmartWriter. 

Namburi also said that the true mark of a good cold email is one that is so personalised, you can’t send it to anyone else.

Namburi stressed that the main challenge, however, is the arduous task involved in personalising cold emails.

SmartWriter AI uses a prospects data to create unique and engaging emails that help you build 1 on 1 relationships with your customers at scale.

Namburi explained that open rates are significant because they represent the number of unique people who opened your emails. Further more the reply rates are even more important because it validates interest in your offering

Namburi claims some of his customers have already seen a 50x ROI from the personalised outreach, and said many of his customers often receive large praise from their cold prospects for how tailored and unique the emails are.

Email marketers who want to take their B2B marketing game to the next level to improve B2B sales could check out SmartWriter’s website to get industry-proven tips and strategies.

SmartWriter assists in targeted email marketing, which ensures that messages customers receive is always relevant. The tool helps marketers accelerate their cold outreach and LinkedIn outreach.

SmartWriter was developed to automate the most daunting part of growth – outreach. This powerful tool helps create personalised sales emails that stand out, get clicks, and boost email marketing leads.

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