Trachdition Trachtenmode Strives to Keep the Oktoberfest Vibe Alive Amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2021

Offers a variety of traditional Oktoberfest outfits for an affordable price at customer’s fingertips

May 25, 2021 – Trachdition Trachtenmode, a prominent online clothing store, offers a vast collection of classic Oktoberfest clothing for men, women, and children despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Talented dressmakers with expertise in traditional Bavarian clothing design the Oktoberfest outfits available in the store using the highest quality materials.

Oktoberfest clothing derived from traditional Bavarian outfits known as trachten worn in 16th to 17th centuries by commoners in Munich when attending to their day-to-day chores. At present, 75% to 90% of Oktoberfest participants opt to clad in traditional outfits, which adds immense colour to the cultural festival. Trachdition Trachtenmode online store presents clothing items that follow original trachten designs and patterns, contributing to the continuity of the Alpine culture and the traditions surrounding the Oktoberfest. The platform ensures that the experience of shopping for Oktoberfest clothing in 2021 for families and individuals is hassle-free and safe. Even though social distancing and public gatherings are not recommended during the pandemic, avid fans of the festival will not have to compromise in the clothing department as the no.1 Oktoberfest outfits store in Germany is ready to cater to the needs of their clients despite the pandemic.

Bavarian dirndl dresses for women and leather lederhosen shorts for men with custom colour combinations, intricate embroidery designs, and embellishments are top-selling items in the Trachdition Trachtenmode store. In addition, women’s staples such as tight-fighting white blouses worn under the dirndl, aprons (schürze) and bows (schleifen) in a range of colours and materials, and ballerina and Mary Jane style shoes are available in the store. Also, the store offers an array of white and checkered button-up shirts, Alpine hats, suspenders, and socks for men and young lads. The rich assortment of Oktoberfest outfits available at Trachdition Trachtenmode makes it a one-stop store for families who wish to spend the Oktoberfest in style while adhering to Covid-19 laws and regulations.

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