Big News with Amazon coming close to a deal to buy MGM Holdings

Big News with Amazon coming close to a deal to buy MGM Holdings

Amazon is trying to buy MGM Holdings, which would become huge. Christopher Uhl, Founder & Head Trader at, Two Time Top 100 Person in Finance and host of The How To Trade Stocks And Options Podcast, thinks that Amazon put their target right on Netflix thinking that they can do better. And instead of having to build up studios and spend years trying to figure out how to create amazing content, Amazon would just buy all the content with all the money that they have.

It’s really interesting because Amazon has had a decent growth from their prime membership subscribers going straight into the prime videos. But now they’re basically taking as big a step as they possibly can, trying to become huge just by buying their way into the door.

Generally with this type of news, there’s this “buy the rumor, sell the news” that goes on with the stock, and you’ll see the stock start moving up quickly. But that’s not the case here. In fact, it’s been drifting sideways and is still about 10% off its all time highs. Investors might still not be convinced with the story, just yet.

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