Rob Finlay and Thirty Capital Continue Their Rewarding Partnership With Hope Haven

Charlotte, North Carolina – May 25, 2021 – Thirty Capital, the commercial real estate technology firm, continues to support Hope Haven, an organization that supports adults battling drug addiction. The real estate firm has offered a gift-matching challenge of up to $150,000 to encourage donations for Hope Haven.

Rob Finlay, founder and CEO of Thirty Capital is hoping to inspire large donations in order to help Hope Haven in its mission to empower individuals to become productive and self-sufficient citizens through their residential recovery program.

Finlay commented on the partnership when he said, “Helping to build strong communities is one of my priorities. I hope all of my business pursuits can support that goal. I’ve seen the impact Hope Haven has on communities. They build stronger communities by focusing on the individuals in those communities. It’s important to me to partner with organizations who share my goals, which is why I’m excited to continue supporting Hope Haven.”

The impact of Thirty Capital’s donation-matching challenge is huge for Hope Haven. The organization’s normal operations have been interrupted by COVID-19, which inhibited the organization’s ability to work with volunteers. Financial donations help keep the organization running smoothly without that volunteer support.

Hope Haven works with children struggling with addiction as well as adults. They report that 90% of children show progress in school after being at Hope Haven. Helping children before they reach adulthood has a huge impact on communities because it means they will be able to succeed in school and use that education to support their economic self-sufficiency.

$462 supports an individual at Hope Haven for one week. A donation of $150,000, the amount Thirty Capital is matching in donations, has the ability to provide weekly shelter, meals, counseling, economic literacy, and vocational training for over 300 individuals.

Hope Haven is located in North Carolina, the same location that Thirty Capital is based out of. In that area, the cost of incarceration for one individual is $112 per day. The cost of treatment at Hope Haven is $66 per day. Every person that Hope Haven supports in their recovery is one person that is less likely to end costing the community resources through incarceration.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, homelessness in the Charlotte, North Carolina area has increased. Individuals experiencing homelessness are at higher risk for developing substance addictions, which is why Hope Haven’s support is more needed than ever. More than 13,000 families were evicted during 2020. This means children, as well as adults, are at greater risk than before of being exposed to harmful substances and developing dangerous addictions.

Finlay stated, “I want to see our communities thrive. I believe philanthropy is a major part of that, which is why I want to encourage people to donate. I think it’s really powerful when people are willing to give back to their own communities. When people do that, you can really see the difference as the community grows stronger.”

In addition to financial donations, Hope Haven is also collecting masks, cleaning supplies, games for children, puzzles, crafts, and pillows. These are the items Hope Haven has the most immediate need for.

With the help of the philanthropic efforts of Thirty Capital and all those who participate in the gift-matching challenge, Hope Haven can provide the needed support to individuals in the community who are struggling with drug addictions. This support will allow countless adults and families to get back on track with their lives and continue to be valuable members of the community.

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About Hope Haven

Hope Haven is a non-profit that supports adults and families in their journey to recovery from substance addiction. The non-profit uses an innovative model of residential services that allow for outreach to an increased number of homeless and at-risk individuals and families. It provides support to over 300 adults per year.

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