Young Hip Hop Artist on the Rise

Colorado Springs, CO, USA – May 25, 2021 – The music industry has always been abundant in many colorful genres. For the past decade, the industry has been leaning more towards a pop trend. That is not to say that other genres are insignificant, some have been making a slow comeback, and the trap soul genre is making its way to the radios with Belvo.

The writer, singer and rap artist named Anthony Bauman is best known under his stage name, Belvo, making the waves as a verified worldwide rising star. The New Jersey native has found a successful foundation within the first year of his career. Modest and with a concrete plan, his goal is to learn as much as he can from the industry while furthering his music career.

The young artist is unique in his Hip Hop capabilities. While known for his trap soul sound, Belvo’s catalog consists of R&B vibes, a Reggae Fusion feel, and great mainstream hits. The artist has been featured in over 500+ playlists and has taken the world by storm. Belvo’s early success has led to a quick expansion for his audience.

Belvo appeals to all genders, races, and ages with his melodic tones and intricate flows as an artist. He often finds himself facing an incredibly diverse crowd-drawing from all over the region of his performance. Belvo is preparing the release of his biggest album yet, Dead Memories. The album is set to release in late Summer of 2021.

What makes Belvo unique is his vast musical taste. He draws inspiration from different styles and genres, refusing to be tied down to a specific sound type. Belvo’s music goes from a melodic, catchy hit to a more sad and slower sound. His diverse styles draw major eyes and have shown him quick success. Belvo is devoted to positive energy and is motivated by his fans, consistently releasing top quality music.

Despite still being a rising star, Belvo has already made major connections within the music industry in less than a year and owns one hundred percent of his brand. Albeit, still an unsigned, Independent artist, Belvo is maintaining an open mind in terms of partnering with a label in the near future.

To get more updates on Belvo next releases, you may follow him on Instagram @baumanolicious

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