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Creative Biolabs is a leading life sciences company providing antibody discovery tools by virtue of the best-in-class technology and advanced platform, aiming to promote the development of early NAA related disease diagnosis and prevention. Recently, Creative Biolabs announced the optimization of its natural autoantibodies (NAA) services and products to accelerate customer success through innovation and leadership in life sciences.

New York, USA – May 25, 2021 – Natural autoantibodies (NAA) of different isotypes have been intensively studied during the last 40 years. These autoantibodies have been termed “natural antibodies” as they are produced at birth in the absence of exposure to foreign antigens. They provide critical early protection against pathogens, and play important roles in the maintenance of homeostasis and modulation of innate and adaptive immune responses, thereby conferring protection from rampant autoimmune and inflammatory injuries.

NAAs have been found to play an innate-like role in protection against infectious agents and to exert homeostatic functions in a variety of experimental models. Other investigations suggest that natural antibodies can play a pathogenic role in autoinflammatory diseases. Based on years of exploration of NAA research and an in-depth understanding of NAA detection, Creative Biolabs has developed a dedicated NAA service center to further advance the development of autoimmune disease research in a variety of ways.

• Western Blot

Western blotting is an important technique used in cell and molecular biology. By using western blot, technicians at Creative Biolabs are able to identify specific proteins from a complex mixture of proteins extracted from cells, which helps provide a reliable data basis for NAA research.


The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is an indispensable tool for clinical diagnostics to identify or differentiate diseases such as autoimmune illnesses, but also to monitor their progression or control the efficacy of drugs. The goal of ELISA is to quantitatively assess the biomarker in question, such as natural autoantibodies.

• Antigen Arrays

In recent years, a growing number of reports have shown that NAA profiling may provide an alternative approach for the detection of cancer. However, most studies of antigen-autoantibody reactivity have relied on recombinant proteins. Recombinant proteins lack the proper post-translational modifications present in native proteins. Because of this limitation, native or natural protein antigen arrays are gaining popularity for profiling antibody responses.

Other methods for NAA detection, such as immunofluorescent staining and immunosensors are also available at Creative Biolabs. “Previous studies showed that it is possible to identify changes in the NAA profile to accurately diagnose a wide variety of diseases, especially Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases,” said a scientist at Creative Biolabs. “Our professional team, advanced approaches, and comprehensive platforms enhance the level of collaboration, enabling us to respond quickly to the specific needs of global clients.”

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Creative Biolabs, an experienced biotechnology company, offers comprehensive solutions for multiplexed immunofluorescence for biomarker discovery and preclinical research. A seasoned team of biological and management professionals, Creative Biolabs has more than ten years of experience in NAA detection development services with a record of achieving excellence for customers around the world.

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