Surviving Tragedy – Virginia Cantorna’s Newly Released Novel Highlights a Family’s Experience with War

Wailuku, Maui, Hawaii, USA – May 25, 2021 – Clinical psychologist Virginia Cantorna has now released her new novel, Dark on the Inside. This novel is inspired by the true events faced by her late immigrant parents as they emigrated from the Philippines after the end of World War II and sought shelter in the United States. Albeit fictional, the consequences of war experienced by the characters of Cantorna’s story are nothing short of reality.

Dark on the Inside is a highly emotional novel that shares the dark realities of war-time torment and post-war trauma experienced by families worldwide. The novel also takes a deep dive into racial prejudices, oppression and financial challenges that persons of color face as they decide to rebuild their lives in a completely new and strange country. Inspired by the adversity her late immigrant parents faced in real life as they emigrated from the Philippines after the end of World War II, Virginia uses memorable and vivid fictional characters to tell a very real and harrowing story. With her writing prowess and her natural knack for storytelling, she tackles so many important social issues and transforms her fictional work into an immersive experience. Providing an unapologetic outlook on the American immigrant experience, this novel is bound to become a modern classic.

Virginia Cantorna is a registered nurse and a licensed clinical psychologist who is highly proactive about helping people heal from past traumas and giving them the tools to overcome their limiting blocks. As an author, she aims to tell moving stories that inspire people to remove themselves from their comfort zones and face a more challenging version of the world with courage and resilience. She specializes in culturally sensitive counseling for individuals and families who want to heal from their traumatic experiences as victims of discrimination, prejudice, and intimidation. When she is not being an activist for social justice issues such as women’s rights and LGBTQ rights, she is busy writing stories that will inspire generations to come.

Born in the United States to an immigrant family, Virginia experienced what it meant to be an outsider from a very young age and got to witness her parents’ trauma as it unfolded throughout their lives. Today, she strives for positivity and empowerment with everything she does. Other than her professional endeavors, she also enjoys painting, singing, and participating in musical theater. Virginia Cantorna is available for interviews.

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