Apollocrowd LLC Brings to Arizona the Future of Online Real Estate Crowdfunding

This platform makes real estate investments available to everyone.

Real estate is a proven great investment option. It can provide passive income and stable cash flow. It can even increase its value in the long run. If one is planning to build personal wealth, real estate investment is an excellent choice. But traditional real estate investment is not always available to everyone. At least not until Apollocrowd.com launches this Fall.

Apollocrowd is a new innovative real estate investment platform based in Arizona. It utilizes modern technology to make private real estate investments available to everyone. The company is on a mission to build a better financial system by empowering individuals who want to start building their wealth through real estate investments.

Apollocrowd’s online crowdfunding platform was created for both new and experienced investors. “We welcome everyone to the future of private investing with our simple and transparent process,” said an Apollocrowd representative. “We utilize technology with our expertise to list unique campaigns to maximize our subscribers’ returns.”

Apollocrowd is a direct lender and works with a panel of experienced real estate gurus to assemble loans that meet borrower’s needs, while maximizing the return of investment for its members. This is also the reason why Apollocrowd can charge lower fees than its competitors, which gives it the advantage of being a top choice for both borrowers and investors.

While traditional real estate loan investments make sense for professional investors with perfect credit scores and high net worth, Apollocrowd opens the doors of the real estate game to beginner investors with an investment as small as $1,000. Anyone interested to invest may just log in and sign up through the website https://apollocrowd.com.

Once an account is made, Apollocrowd will help new subscribers select a group that fits their goals. Subscribers can also choose their own investment account level. In a short time, subscribers can start building their portfolios. The investor dashboard is user friendly and comes in handy while managing investments with the company.

With Apollocrowd’s business model, Arizona stakeholders can crowdfund loans to members of their own communities. Residents of Arizona will soon have the option to invest outside of the public markets and inside private real estate close to home.

As easy as its loan process, Apollocrowd subscribers can also invest and manage their portfolios with ease through its feature-rich website. They can track their portfolio’s performance through key updates. In addition, the company’s low investment minimums provide flexibility to invest a comfortable amount of capital while building confidence in investing, and at the same time, offering incentives to subscribers with substantial investments.

Apollocrowd encourages new investors to start their journey towards real estate investment. For now, the real estate investment platform’s clientele is in Arizona, but it has an extensive growth plan that includes expanding from coast to coast.

To get pre-launch access, launch updates and to learn know more about Apollocrowd, visit https://apollocrowd.com.

About Apollocrowd LLC

Apollocrowd is an innovative real estate investment platform in the United States. Headquartered and founded in Scottsdale, Arizona, it is on a mission to build a better financial system to make high-quality real estate investments available to everyone.

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