Tea Sante Recommends People Drink Good Teas in Summer

Tea Sante Recommends People Drink Good Teas in Summer

Tea is a refreshing beverage to have during the hot months of summer. Interestingly, hot tea is a very popular drink internationally. Many Asian countries enjoy hot tea every day during the day. Tea also has plenty of health benefits. As the premium loose leaf tea provider in Canada, Tea Santes recommends that people drink white tea, green tea and any other good loose leaf teas in summer.  

White Tea 

White tea is minimally processed. It is rich in antioxidants and polyphenols which may reduce the risk of heart disease. It has a subtle but refreshing taste. It is delicious as a cold drink and as a hot drink too! The flavor profile can be described as citrusy, herby, and sweet; making it the perfect summer beverage.  

Green Tea 

Green tea is one of the best drinks consumed nowadays. It is extremely popular, and it is nutritious. Green tea can be enjoyed hot or cold, and even as part of a cocktail. Green tea has health benefits and helps with metabolism. 

Hot green tea is most enjoyable with a touch of ginger or lemon. This is due to the bitter flavor green tea has on its own. Hot green tea is also great to have before a workout. Alternatively, cold green tea is also delicious. 

Cold green tea is great after an intense workout. Tea is hydrating, and it goes down better than just plain water. Making homemade green tea is better than buying them from stores. Iced teas are full of sugar, but when making tea at home, the sugar level can be adjusted to suit dietary needs.  

Loose Leaf Teas  

Loose leaf teas are great because there are so many different varieties to choose from. There are fruity blends, flavored black tea, herbal blends, and green tea blends as well. The best varieties for the summer are the fruity ones and green tea ones. 

Some fruity varieties that go down well cold and hot include zesty orange flavors, strawberry and cream, and even a summer berries tea. 

Drinking tea in the summer can help with nausea and heat stroke. This is a bonus in the summer heat. Tea is a crowd-pleaser, so making hot or cold tea for a BBQ or potluck would be amazing! Because BBQs are smokey, some indigestion may occur. Tea is also a remedy for an upset stomach.

Hot tea can cool people down because when drinking something hot, the body produces sweat, and the cooling mechanism of the body kicks in to cool itself down. 

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