Introducing Nina Lim’s unique DONE-FOR-YOU administrative, sales and customer-centric manpower for law firms

Nina Lim is a unique law office management firm and workplace consultant proficient in DONE-FOR-YOU administrative, organizational, sales, and customer-centric manpower for law firms.

Marshall McLuhan once quipped that “where the whole man is involved there is no work. Work begins with the division of labor”.

By applying this concept, Nina Lim helps lawyers manage their time more effectively, reducing stress and avoiding burnouts. 

Broadly defined, the company specializes in helping lawyers, sole practitioners, and small law firms go from engaging some leads to doubling potential client engagement, so they can stop anxiety and burnout, and finally achieve an optimized, efficient client-centric, well-oiled practice without doing everything themselves in under 90 days.

The company is owned by life and success coach, Nina Lim. Her professional background in law and administrative work is what drives her extensive knowledge and experience in her work. “The work I do with my clients is the result of the work I’ve done on myself and a whole bunch of trial and error. My proven systems will help not only the workplace you work so hard to build, but it will also elevate your personal life to achieve overall success in your dreams”, Nina remarked.

Nina Lim’s done-for-you program offers services in which at least 3 separate employees will have to be hired. These include:

  • RECEPTIONISTS / SALES REPRESENTATIVES. Nina Lim answers all clients’ calls and routes them appropriately, or otherwise acts as clients’ initial sales representative who can speak of clients’ offers or rates. Nina Lim does all scheduling and follow-ups for its clients until engagement and intake.
  • FIRM MANAGER / ADMINISTRATOR. Nina Lim can set up SOPs as well as audit its clients’ current practices and offers, and assist clients in creating and building new ones that become an evergreen offer.
  • EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT: Nina Lim vets clients’ emails and subsequently offers responses. They expertly manage clients’ calendar and manage all scheduling necessary for the firm or practice.
  • CUSTOMER CARE SPECIALISTS. “You will not need to worry about client retention and current clients or past clients referring you to other potentials as we will take such good care of them, they will have you on their speed dial,” declared Nina Lim.

Additionally, the company offers other done-for-you services, such as: Billing, CRM specialists, Proofreading, Public / Extemporaneous Speaking training and creating Blog Content specific to clients’ practice.

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