After Getting a Mortgage, Homeowners Get Homeowners Insurance

After Getting a Mortgage, Homeowners Get Homeowners Insurance

Reports from the real estate sector show that a growing number of people have been purchasing homes over the last several years. Analysts expect this figure to continue to increase moving forward. Homebuyers range in age from young adults to people nearing retirement. Some are purchasing homes for the first time whereas others are upgrading, downsizing, or even buying vacation properties. Either way, they’re making major investments in the lives and futures of their families.

Protecting Your Investment

Making an investment of any type involves at least a few risks. After all, you never know what might happen down the road. For some types of investments, like purchasing stocks, there’s no real way to safeguard against many of the pending possibilities other than conducting research, watching the market, and empowering yourself to make sound decisions. Still, you can’t be sure that some unexpected incident won’t develop. When it comes to purchasing a home, though, you have ample ways to protect yourself against what lies ahead, such as purchasing homeowner’s insurance from companies like WECU.

Why Is Homeowners Insurance a Good Idea?

Homeowner’s insurance is a good idea for several reasons. For one, most mortgage providers won’t grant prospects a home loan at all without certain guarantees that their own investments are protected. That’s one of the reasons they go to such lengths to ensure their borrowers have enough monthly income to make their mortgage payments and solid histories of repaying their debts. In addition to conducting credit checks and income verifications, lenders typically require their borrowers to purchase and maintain homeowner’s insurance policies.

While it may be true that you can’t acquire a mortgage loan without having insurance coverage, that’s only one aspect to consider. Homeowner’s insurance also provides extra layers of protection for you as the homeowner. If a house fire or natural disaster took place and you didn’t have insurance coverage, you’d be responsible for repairing the damage or having the home rebuilt out of pocket.

Despite the destruction and the additional expenses it brought about, you’d still be responsible for covering those monthly mortgage payments. With insurance coverage, though, your homeowner’s policy will pay for repairs and other expenses. As you’ll find at, different types of policies are available, and they offer varying levels of coverage.

Getting the Right Resources

WECU has been providing financial services for families in Washington for more than 80 years. They offer banking, loans, and educational resources to name a few of the features available to their members. Further details are available via

Finding the Right Homeowner’s Coverage

Homeowner’s insurance is an added expense in its own right. Having said that, it can also take a great deal of financial hardship off of your shoulders should your home be damaged or destroyed by a natural disaster, fire, act of vandalism, or other catastrophe. You can find inexpensive policies that offer only basic coverage for the house itself. Coverage for the house, other structures on the property, your belongings, medical expenses, and numerous other elements is also available. Of course, there are several levels of coverage in between as well.

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