Holli Hunt’s Intimate, Bare-All Story is an Honest Testimony Detailing Victory Over Identity Crisis

Holli Hunt's Intimate, Bare-All Story is an Honest Testimony Detailing Victory Over Identity Crisis

Holli J. Hunt’s recently published memoir is a welcome addition to the genre to which many women and men will relate instantly. The overcoming of one’s perversion and lusts and victory over desires that creep in from the enemy (Satan) through our thoughts that seek to seduce, deceive, and enslave us makes for a perfect job of sharing her struggles and what she went through to experience deliverance and come out victorious!

Holli still remembers that cool Summer day. It was evening when she was hanging out with her homegirl, sipping on coolers and smoking. The homegirl pointed out Holli’s boyfriend moving in a car with a girl. Holli couldn’t’ believe it. She immediately called the boy, who told her he was at home with his mom. Holli and her friends decided to unravel the truth there and then and found out that Holli’s boyfriend was cheating indeed. That was the final call for Holli.

Though Holli’s boyfriend tried to make amends, Holli had succumbed to the hurt, pain, and disappointments. From these emotions, she made a decision that she’d had enough! Because of the emotional and mental anguish Holli was experiencing due to all that had happened in her life, she made a decision that would change the course of her life drastically and cause her to struggle with her identity for many years until help and healing would arrive.

My book is unique because it’s my testimony! This is something that I struggled with for years until I sought deliverance and healing for my life,” says Holli.

The memoir will be of interest to the entire LGBTQ community and the rest of the world. The book will appeal for its frank admissions, honest to the core storytelling, and the journey of Holli, from being full of anguish, conflict, confusion, lusts, perversion to leading to a healed and happy life. Everyone will find that they know someone or the other who has an affinity to this genre.

The memoir by Holli J. Hunt is available from Amazon in Kindle and paperback editions, and also as an e-book through her book outlets and from www.Xlibris.com

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