Meet one-year-old Converter365 – the best free online converter

Meet one-year-old Converter365 - the best free online converter

Converter365: The first year crowned with millionth user. Different people, different jobs, and different formats, but our converter is the one that connects it all. It’s online, it’s free, and you are just three steps away from converting every file to some other related format with support of more then 1000 different file formats.

Creating a new tool or app is never an easy task. There are so many factors that affect the execution. With many ups and downs, teams either make something out of this world or give up the whole thing. And sometimes, even the creators are surprised with the achievement and the final results of their work.

Something similar happened to the creators of Converter365 – one of the best tools you can find when it comes to the conversion of different file formats. After the first year milestone, the results are more than surprising. They are the best they can be.

The first questions that popped to everyone’s mind after result revelations are: how the whole story started, and what did they achieve?

Fulfilling personal needs felt more normal than creating tool just for others

According to Converter365’s team, everything started from them – a small group of tech geeks. The thing that created Converter365 is the following one: they needed to convert files from one file format to another occasionally.

And sometimes, the need for high-quality file conversion came frequently, even daily. So, they had to search for the perfect solution. Individually, they did found it and shared their experiences at every gathering.

During one gathering, they discussed the best tools for this job, and every person from the group had a lot of pros and cons for every converter they used.

Suddenly, the idea was born. The team decided to create a tool that will help with every file conversion. After that, this group of tech enthusiasts realized that the whole thing was too good to be hidden. So, they decided to go public with it. After that, everything just fell in the right place. A free project became a heart-warming job.

In the end, fulfilling personal needs felt more natural than creating apps for others. At least, that’s what they say now. The team also emphasizes that things weren’t all rainbows and unicorns. Their first-year journey had a bumpy road. The results brought all the unicorns and glitter and, in a way, crowned the whole thing.

Amazed by results

Results that came after only one year are quite shocking. In only 365 days, more than 1.000.000 users across the world fell in love with Converter365 and all its conversions. In case you are wondering, here is one interesting fact: users showed that audio, video, and document converters are always their first pick.

For the whole team, numbers are out of this world, and everything is even bigger for Converter365’s developers because every day, supporting emails come to their email addresses.

The whole team was thrilled after the first mail of gratitude, and after the thousand one, they stopped counting. Every new review filled with support brought energy level even higher, and the quality of every file conversion just kept growing. In a way, users and all their thank-you’s made Converter365 a better tool.

Are you wondering what’s all the fuss about?

Well, you can take a look at it in the seconds of the tutorial on the how-to-use Converter365’s subject:

After all, with all this, Converter365 proved that it is one of the most popular ones on the web. Besides it’s online, this file converter is easy to use, safe, and with the highest possible conversion quality, thanks to such a hard-working and enthusiastic team.

In the end, it’s no wonder that now, Converter365 has more than 10.000 daily conversions, and most of the users are regular, including the team itself.

Creators believe that the current pandemic-related situation joined with the number of users working from home, was a big help. At least when it comes to results. However, the total number of users and daily conversions still in only one year seems surreal to them.

And now, on the first anniversary, the big question popped up: what’s next for Converter365?

Converter365 is setting brand new goals on the road ahead

The story about Converter365 doesn’t end here. It is only the beginning. Why? Because there are so many new goals to be reached.

The first goal on Converter365’s vision board is consistency in good service and even better price. Or can it be said no price at all? The first thing about this online tool is the free part. And according to Converter365’s creators, this “feature” will always be the most important one.

But having a completely free online tool as long as it exists isn’t the only goal this team wants to fulfill. Extra benefits and even more amazing features are yet to come.

Converter365 will become a tool that allows users to bulk image resize. In case you are wondering why the answer is simple: users asked for that.

The same goes for the option of audio editing. To Converter365’s mail address came more than just one request for this tool addition. Naturally, the team put this quest at the top of their list. Meaning this one will be available to their users shortly.

Another thing that this tool wants to achieve in the future is adding new file formats to their file format collection.  Also, many more options will upgrade Converter365’s game in the future. The major ones are still top secret, but our sources told us that image optimization tools are a priority.

Only time will tell, but the road ahead seems super bright for Converter365 and its users.

Join Converter365’s journey

A big part of Converter365’s journey is user feedback. After all, the main business and development fuel comes from them. It is why it is so important that every opinion becomes a part of Converter365’s journey.

Every suggestion, proposal, and feedback is a new stepping stone in the road ahead. So, be free not just to use this free tool but to interact with the whole team by sending feedback and even adding a suggestion or two. If there is something you need the most in your converter and no one else has it, write to Converter365.

What is the worst thing that can happen? A super-useful tool that lasts for years, for everyone? Let’s face it, with this team, and every suggestion and feedback is a win-win situation.

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