Workforce management with a focus on well-being and COVID-19 risks

Healthtech company Solve.Care, a leading player in the global healthcare market, is offering a new solution to the market in the field of digitalization of the office environment in accordance with today’s realities – Team.Care Network.

Workforce management with a focus on well-being and COVID-19 risks

The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed the attitude to many things, including the workflow and measures to prevent the spread of infection within office workers and team members. Now the personal safety comes to the forefront for employers because no one wants to implement the simultaneous quarantine for half of all employees, which would entail significant financial losses and failure to complete projects on time. Of course, an effective way to monitor employees’ health would help better mitigate and control the spread of coronavirus within the organization.

Team.Care Network aims to organize the team’s work based on the collection and analysis of data on the well-being of employees, PCR results data, information on the various stages of vaccination, and much more.

What are the benefits of using the Team.Care Network solution?

• Real-time monitoring of employees’ health.

This analysis allows employers to respond quickly and effectively to the appearance of the coronavirus within the company, namely to track people who were in close contact with a COVID-positive person, conduct PCR tests among them, and organize disinfection measures in the office space;

• Personalized recommendations for employees

These are recommendations not only to prevent COVIDs infections, but also to maintain a high level of mental health, thereby increasing the effectiveness of teamwork both in the office and remotely.

• Quick and intuitively simple service setup

After the client logs into the Employer Wallet and manages the password and security questions, they will be directed to the participation management function of the solution. The solution will guide the administrator through three easy steps to import all employees into the solution and send invitations.

• Protection of personal data of employees at the highest level

Team.Care Network is built using blockchain technology, ensuring its security, immutability, audibility and privacy-preserving features.

• How Are You Feeling Today (HAYFT) cards

That is an innovative method of interviewing employees about their well-being, allowing even better monitoring of sensitive conditions.

“Team.Care enables organizations to both monitor the well-being of their workforce and attend to issues as they arise, effectively closing the gap between management and individual team members” – says Sandra Hannon, Global Head of Human Resources in Solve.Care.

Join Team.Care Network right now to ensure the effective operations of the organization in these difficult pandemic times.

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