Adoric Launches the Most Cost-Effective Product Recommendation Solution

Tel Aviv, Israel – May 26th, 2021 – Adoric has launched a  product recommendation solution designed to help businesses deliver a personalized browsing experience to their customers, readers, etc.  

In the words of Tal Revivo, Adoric’s CEO, “We wanted to create a smart solution that can help businesses improve their bottom line.”

“We didn’t just want to create another product recommendation solution,” Tal went further to say. “Our overarching goal was to help businesses, small and large alike, to improve user engagement and retention, and ultimately make more sales.”

Adoric Recommendation engine is powered by a highly-trained algorithm that can accurately predict what product/content a user will most likely want. It does this by checking users’ browsing history/preferences, personal information, demographics, etc, and then delivers recommendations based on those data.  

For example, on an eCommerce website, Adoric can make recommendations based on: 

  • Most viewed products
  • Best selling products
  • Recently viewed
  • Suggested products 

On top of that, Adoric allows eCommerce merchants to further refine their recommendations by importing data from their Google Analytics account. 

What makes Adoric uniquely different from other recommendation solutions is that users can get started with it without making any upfront financial commitment. That is to say, they can get started for free. 

“Just about anybody can use Adoric”, Tal further stated. “Publishers, bloggers, eCommerce merchants, travel companies, agencies, etc.”

About Adoric

Adoric, a software marketing company, has since 2013 been providing smart, easy-to-use, and affordable marketing solutions to big and small businesses looking to connect with their customers. 

In addition to its product recommendation solution, Adoric also offers lead generation, conversion optimization, and website gamification solutions.

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