The Ultimate Tango School of Dance Reignites People’s Passion to Learn Tango

Owners of the Ultimate Tango share the secret of how people can successfully practice leadership, mindfulness, wellness, and more through this social dance.

Medford-based dance studio, the Ultimate Tango School of Dance, announces its acceptance of students for in-person classes starting September, along with its advocacy to also teach people leadership, agility, successful relationship, and more through tango. Ultimate Tango creator and owners, Anita Flejter and Hernan Brizuela, have created a unique, well-structured, and progressive Argentine tango program for adults. Over the years proprietary curriculum based courses have proven itself highly successful and famous in the area. Now, as virtual classes become common, Ultimate Tango also offers on-demand lessons to thousands of potential enrollees worldwide.

“Tango’s nature is reverent, subdued, and structured. It allows dancers to focus on internalizing one’s experience of the music, engaging in the meditation of movement, and concentrating on their partnership rather than vying for attention,” the dance school’s spokesperson said.

“Tango challenges the brain with complicated structures, patterns, and elements. It makes you aware of the state of your body as you are searching for the right movement. It awakens your self-image care in a constant quest to become more feminine or more masculine, and more desirable. But that’s just the physicality. There is more – the social part: friendships, relationships, community, and mentorship. Then there’s the physical contact – embrace, sharing of the moment, giving, receiving, and time.”

For now, Ultimate Tango’s on-ground studio is open for private lessons only. Its group lessons are held online for safety purposes in line with the pandemic. Variety of courses is being offered on-demand. From beginner to advanced courses, short sequences, solo exercises, and private lessons all through a virtual platform. It also has virtual classy heels lessons that teach women power of femininity through a solo tango technique and choreography-based workout. It helps them to look great in heels while on the dance floor or anywhere they go. Ultimate Tango’s classy heels program can be a struggle at first, but many find it highly rewarding once they get hang of it and continue.

According to its founders, Ultimate Tango was born from the need to share the “tango way” of achieving things: dance leadership based on a deep understanding of where the universe of a couple is going, not just where the leader is going. It’s also about following based on continuous feedback and the ability to make the couple shine.

Tango is a dance with a rich history and one that can truly impress those who see skilled dancers. Whether a person wants to impress a loved one, improve his or her physical health, or just take up a hobby that is fun and rewarding, tango can be the answer.

Ultimate Tango takes a hands-on, involved approach. Instead of just mindless repetition, its instructors make sure that their students learn to understand every aspect of the tango dance and how to execute the movement properly – all while having a great time, improving their physical, emotional, and social well-being. Through it, they’ll be able to build life-long relationships too.

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About the Ultimate Tango School of Dance

The Ultimate Tango School of Dance offers Argentine tango classes, including Milonga & Vals, in Boston. It has courses for beginner, pre-intermediate, intermediate, pre-advanced, and advanced student levels. The school also offers specialty classes, workshops, and private lessons. At Ultimate Tango, instructors teach the students the tango alphabet and how to create words and sentences from it. Students will learn basic rules, steps, and combinations. They’ll also learn about music, connection, lead and follow, types of tangos, and more. From there, students can launch onto their journey to discover what tango means for them.

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