Magician X 3D Printer from MINGDA Features Auto Leveling and No-Glue Technology

Magician X 3D Printer from MINGDA Features Auto Leveling and No-Glue Technology

Magician X 3D Printer from MINGDA is absolutely a hot topic in the current 3D printer industry, and this new model features innovative auto leveling technology and a specially coated Carbosilicate glass, which means users don’t need glue for printing bed adhesion any more.

According to the sales director of the business, Magician X, which is doomed to shock the 3D printing market in this summer. He said, “PEI plate has been considered to be an useful part or high-end configuration for a 3D printer. But for most 3D printer users, it still need much skill when gluing 3D printed parts together. Now, Magician X makes 3D Printing more efficient and easier.”

The sales director continued, “People don’t need to glue the aluminum alloy plate with other parts, and the plate can be fastened with a custom clip with a specially coated Carbosilicate glass. The auto leveling feature and no-glue innovative design make 3D printing easier and more efficient.”

Actually, many 3D printer users are fear of leveling, which can cause a disappointing failure in printing easily. MINGDA’s engineers have done much research and improvement work before the release of Magician X 3D Printer. Also, the new model is a design of 99% pre-assembled. So, 3D printing is not a hard job for a newbie any more.


MINGDA, a well-known 3D Printer company, has been specializing in the OEM/ODM & sales of 3D printers since 2009. The business owns two series of DIY and whole professional machines, fully meeting the needs of different users, and its products are exported to more than 180 countries.

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