Polkacipher Reshapes the Operation of NFTs with Unique Blockchain Mechanisms

Polkacipher, a privacy-preserving cross-chain oracle, is now redefining the enterprise NFT landscape. The company today is on Polkadot with a focus on the commercialization of NFTs. They hope to expand the functions of NFTs and DeFi and apply them in a business setting. In the process, Polkacipher also desires to privately increase the reach of Web3 usages in the blockchain economy via seamless integration to its project.

The vision of Polkacipher is to help push the use-cases of NFTs further in the real-world economy where it can be used for a host of services. Their cross-chain functions ensure that no matter which blockchain you use, you will still have a way to access their platform and use it at its full potential”, says a spokesperson for Polkacipher.

Currently, NFTs are being used as storage of digital art. But most people do not truly understand their full potential. However, Polkacipher is working to get the true value of NFTs to the market. NFTs are Polkacipher’s privacy-enabled business document solutions. These documents can be privately minted, circulated, and collected. NFTs also work as legal documents, possession transfers, access passes, etc., with an option to manage privately or publicly.

Every part of Polkacipher’s NFT ecosystem is supported by CipherDEX. Polkacipher is privacy enabled and fully compatible with EVM chains on Polkadot. This allows anyone to privately and securely trade NFTs that were minted on Polkacipher’s network. Cipher has also built an omnichannel ecosystem additional to trading and minting.  In this ecosystem, users can lend, stake and mine tokens to generate massive rewards. This works by empowering systems and data collection nodes acting as the pillars of Polkacipher’s vision.

Polkacipher’s NFT’s are secured in specialized vaults that can be only accessed through the NFTs as a key. These NFTs can be minted privately or publicly based on the user’s choice. Users need to stake a certain amount of token to activate the locker. At Polkacipher, we believe privacy is not a choice, but a right and our products will ensure that privacy of users and providers will be protected through our solution in upcoming time of digitization”, says a spokesperson for Polkacipher. 

Polkacipher is a decentralized, new-age tech company that is working towards the marketing of NFTs for web3 apps. Tim Reiner is the CEO of Polkacipher and is known as a visionary in the blockchain community. The team at Polkacipher believes in creating a fully decentralized and self-owned community for their users and themselves as a whole.

Join the Polkacipher community: https://t.me/polkacipher

For more information, please visit: https://polkacipher.com/

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