Brent Emerson, the Fashion Designer from Arizona launches the new sustainable brand that redefines luxury basics

The Arizona-based fashion designer aims to endorse conscious spending towards apparel by offering of luxurious essentials with an empowering message of positive action setting the tone for fashion on a path ahead.

Arizona – May 27, 2021 – With fashion as one of the most happening industries in the world, now more than ever, brands and consumers place great importance on how products are manufactured, the sustainable qualities of its materials and where they are sourced from.

It has been found that 85% of all textiles finish up in landfills while washing some kinds of clothes that send thousands of chemicals and bits of toxic plastic into the ocean. Not to mention energy and water consumption, human cost and numerous other problems.

This increasing sense of awkwardness around the way the fashion industry was set up was mostly what motivated the launch of fashion label by Arizona based fashion designer Brent Emerson. Its founders not only saw the necessity to address the absence of ethics, transparency, and respect for the environment but also wanted to make deeply meaningful apparel that reminds the world that we all have an energetic role in our collective future.

Brent believes in the changing power of clothing and how it can alter a person’s mindset. This is why accepting a new approach to conscious dressing can influence the way people feel positively, their well-being and cause a lasting and profound impact in every feature of a person’s life. But instead of just creating sustainable clothing, Brent wants to emphasise on their larger mission to generate and promote a positive mindset which eventually causes great constructive changes. It is no wonder its founder Brent Emerson was stimulated by the words passion, joy, and happiness.

Brent focuses on carefully constructed wardrobe essentials, like t-shirts, tracksuits, sharply cut blazers and hand-dyed denim in a neutral color palette which offers both menswear and womenswear collections with a readily cool style that have luxurious and timeless appeal.

The brand has several electrifying announcements set for 021, all of which will be announced exclusively via the application. Of late, Emerson celebrated the release of their F/W 2021 collection, which featured an innovative insulation technology that is a pet-friendly alternative to the several winter jackets made with duck down feathers. The fabric develops warmth in seconds under sunlight via vibration and smash of its special nano-chemicals. In addition Brent released a capsule collection which features the most exclusive, artsy, and bold creations, each dropping in very limited quantity. 

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