Vincent Sarid Drory Changing The NYC Dining Scene With His Innovative Development And Growth Skills

Sarid Drory is the name behind the development, construction, and growth of the leading NYC restaurant properties. The Chef and Entrepreneur even worked innovatively to launch the famous Artisanal Bistro based in Park Avenue South.

May 27, 2021 – New York – Vincent Sarid Drory is a celebrated chef and entrepreneur based in NYC who is a mastermind behind famous places like Cub Room and The Waverly Inn. He also reintroduced the legendary Artisanal Bistro by teaming up with the renowned designing firm owned by Jeffery Beers. Drory is working on making the restaurants an upscale destination.

He is working in NYC for the last 26 years and has developed and constructed beautiful restaurant properties. Sarid Drory is renowned for building a full-fledged hospitality domain with exotic foods and beverages. The reason for him to top the charts is his strong discipline and passion for his work.

In the words of Sarid Drory, Chairman, Chef, & Entrepreneur, “After serving in the special forces in Israel as Lieutenant, the first managing experience I had is from the carpet and floor cleaning industry. I formed and set up six successful organizations and sold them at a profit. This experience made me identify my passion further and work in the upliftment of the restaurant industry. I started working enthusiastically for building high-end restaurants by attaining the beverage and wine skills from Italy and France.”

The thought leadership of Vincent Sarid Drory is reflected in his work that he did for multiple restaurant properties. These famous properties have the best culinary standards, with food and beverages being at par excellence. He delivers keynote addresses to the entrepreneurs and people who want to make big in the hospitality and restaurant industry. His rich experience in developing some noted properties helps to assist people in their endeavors. Moreover, he helps the restaurant owners to tell their stories to the world in an intriguing and gripping manner. 

He believes every restaurant has its own story and timeline, but the presentation or the way of conveying it makes it iconic. Businesses need to bring soul to every recipe they serve. “I think that the restaurant owners must see their restaurants not as mere properties but as an experience. It will help them cultivate success in whatever they offer, whether food, beverages, or even desserts. As I mostly say, life is uncertain, so eat the dessert first,” he further added.

Apart from working on his restaurant business and helping people develop their properties into a great name, Drory also loves to go shopping and grab a good cup of coffee. Talking about his recent endeavor, he stated, “I will be expanding the cheese and wine list and will be placing the ‘Chef’s Table’ at the Bistro, namely ‘The Cheese Cave’. There will be yummlicious additions to our menu, and the ‘Fondue Burger’ will be served along with the ‘Artisanal’s famous three-cheese fondue’. We will be opening an amazing cafe for summer and spring with live music performances on Sundays. There will be an online cheese store and an independent late-night menu for our guests.”

Sarid Drory is renowned for his restaurant properties construction and development work, making him create famous hot spots in NYC that let him triple the revenue within three years. He has already sold most of his restaurant properties for almost seven figures like ‘The Waverly Inn’ after owning for 14 years. He has also increased the revenue of the Cub Room by nearly 70% and held many new projects too in his long-lasting career.

About Vincent Sarid Drory

Vincent Sarid Drory is a specialist in the development, construction, and growth of the leading restaurant properties in the NYC region. He has purchased, sold, and many upscale properties during his career. To uplift the face of the restaurant business, Drory can be booked by emailing him at

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