Equale joins the struggle for freedom, offers users a platform to exercise free speech

Equale joins the struggle for freedom, offers users a platform to exercise free speech

In a dedicated pursuit to bring change, Brian Sykes and the team have launched a brand-new social media platform, Equale. In a world of rapid changes and grave challenges to privacy, Equale offers folks the chance to be themselves without any fear. Equale serves as a platform to reform how freedom of expression and opinion is viewed today.

This all-new, one-of-a-kind free speech social media network will give its users the opportunity to have verified profiles and speak their minds without the fear of being censored. The team couldn’t be prouder to have finally brought Equale to the public. The app is available for use on desktop, Mac, Android and iOS devices. The website to access the app is: www.AllEquale.com.

Equale self-advertises itself as a social media equality network. The app gives everyone an equal footing no matter their social standing to express their opinions and the right to free speech. The app offers profile verification for all users and not just celebrities. A bonus is that the verification process is pretty simple. To request verification, the user must simply go into profile settings and select verification. The user will then be prompted to submit an ID that will be connected to the profile.

We believe social media companies who only allow celebrities and companies owned by those who are famous the opportunity for profile verification creates worldwide division and inequality on their networks,” says a spokesperson for Equale.

Equale holds some of the best features from current platforms while it is continuing to improve with constant beta testing. Equale has remarkably lower advertising costs and provides more opportunities and features for users, influencers and businesses to endorse themselves and their products.

CEO and developer Brian Sykes is the creator of the Equale app. He, along with the team, has great expectations for the future of the app as it continues to uphold a social change much needed in today’s society.

For more information, please visit: www.AllEquale.com

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