Pillious To Make For Retail Investors Profitable

Investing App revolutionizing the investment industry.

The company “Pillious” is on a mission, to change the fact that 80-90% of all retail investors lose money. After having a fair amount of success with their own investments, they decided to open up and allow everyone to get the same returns.

The way they’ve done it, is with an app. Taking a look inside the app, you will see their portfolio, the research they’ve done, how much each position weigh etc. But more fascinating is the fact that every time they see something interesting in the market, all their members will get a notification. Whether it’s a new investment they are looking at, or if it’s the market in general that is heading in a new direction.

The reason why they allowed access for the public, was because they’ve seen family and friends lose money on their investments, and then came by the fact that such a large percentage of retail investors lose money. That was enough motivation for them, to reach out and offer to help everyone and their greatest advice for people out there is, “Remember to Invest and not speculate, investing is a way to grow your fortune slow and steady, not a way to get rich overnight”. Pillious have been helping thousands of investors to become profitable in Europe and has recently announced that they’ve allowed US citizens to become a member as well.

More information can be found at www.pillious.com

The founders behind the incredible new technology is Mads Baudier and Mathias Reippuert who have been living off their own investments for 7 years. They’ve studied business in Denmark, with a special focus on finance, company finance and international economy. But in their opinion the reason to their success in the market, is due to their personal study and research on the top most successful investors.

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Phone: +45 71 96 94 38
Country: Denmark
Website: https://pillious.com/