Author and Father, Steve Stotts Teams up With Daughter, Laila Amari to Create “Dictionary Daddy” An Intuitive Board Game

As Father’s Day approaches, the launch of Dictionary Daddy by Steve Stotts and Laila Amari, his daughter emphasizes the need for fathers to bond with their children. The game launch is proof that so much can be achieved when fathers maintain a good relationship with children

Saturdays provide parents with the opportunity to spend time with their kids after a long week in school. For Steve Stotts and his daughter, Laila Amari, Saturdays can be used to do more than just bonding, and the creation of the Dictionary Daddy board game is a testament to that possibility.

Steve Stotts, aka Steve The Legacy, worked with Laila Amari, his daughter, to invent the Dictionary Daddy game that can be played by up to four players, who compete to skip doing homework to play video games without being caught by Daddy while he is reading.

It is typical for kids to prefer playing video games rather than completing their homework, and they employ several schemes to achieve their purpose. Dictionary Daddy portrays this real-life experience in a fun way as a board game.

Speaking about how he and Laila invented the game, Steve The Legacy had this to say, “It was a great opportunity to put down the electronics for a change and put our mind to use to create something special together.” To play the game, players use the spinner to avoid getting caught by hurdles on the game board and Daddy while trying to skip homework to play video games. The winner is whoever gets to the finish line first.

Steve The Legacy is the author of two children book titles: “I Am Not Grateful! Grateful I Am Not!” and “I Am Not Confident! Confident I Am Not!” and a book on self-belief titled “Act & Grow Belief”. Steve helps rebuild personal self-belief within children and adults so they can begin to live the life of their dreams.

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