Well-Made World Wants Safer World, Offers Needed Change to Get Eco-Friendly with Spending Choices

Well-Made World is a start-up company that is gaining attention for its unique take on sustainable shopping. The company has taken up the beacon to stand for environment-friendly products, and that is exactly what can be found on their website. Well-Made World is also now a proud member of the Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Program.

To take their stance to the next level, Well-Made World is launching a new blog called “The Polar Post”, to be found at https://blog.wmw.eco/. The blog displays a wide range of topics, addressing issues like ecological living, secondhand shopping, mental health, minority cultures, fair trading, and so on. Most of the blogs dive deep into these topics giving the reader a chance to learn a better way of living that doesn’t pose a threat to the environment.

The year is 2021, and sustainable shopping is at an all-time high. Innovative products are in greater numbers than ever before, supporting any cause that you can think of.  We’ve embarked on a very important mission to make cause-driven shopping simple, easy and accessible to all”, says a spokesperson for Well-Made World.

Well-Made World has a mission to help portray a better picture of what a ‘Well-Made World’ might or should look like. Well-Made World as a team strongly believes that the crucial point for success, as humans, is the unique ability to connect to each other. The products on the Well-Made World website show how humans can achieve their true potential by raising the standard of pro-green merchandises.

The Well-Made World team is honored to receive the 3 Musketeers award from Harvard Innovation Labs! Their support and dedication continue to inspire us as we move together towards a more sustainable tomorrow! Thank you”, says a spokesperson for Well-Made World.

Well-Made World is a US-based company. The company was founded by Eric Wright, Ed Preusser and Ayu Nabilah. The main focus of the company is to encourage people to develop a more eco-friendly mindset and lifestyle.

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