Illness and Injury Can Strike Suddenly Without Warning

Canadians can be feeling fine one minute and have a sudden overwhelming sick feeling, or a minor accident that suddenly occurs.  With the nicer weather now upon Canada, especially in Toronto, and the surrounding GTA, medical attention can be needed quickly and without an appointment.  Although individuals can have a family doctor, it is a known fact that many surprise illnesses or minor accidents occur on the weekends when individuals are at home.  A walk-in clinic such as Bay College in downtown Toronto takes the stress out of these types of happenings, as they offer immediate walk-in care with extended hours each day and are even open on Saturdays

Bay College Clinic has been serving area residents with premiere medical care and a team of specialists for over 70 years.  Bay College Clinic has laboratory facilities and all types of testing procedures available and can quickly and conveniently diagnose illnesses and assist with injuries.  From blood work to X-Rays, Bay College has the technology for most issues walk-in patients present.  If further testing is needed, the clinic possesses the ability to refer to specialists if needed after initial diagnosis.  The staff prides itself on being family-friendly and geared towards a stress-free experience.

 As the mother of one patient stated, “My young son injured his ankle on a Saturday and was in terrible pain.  I feared the worst, hoping he had not broken a bone.  An X-ray was done, and it was only a sprain.  My family doctor was not open at the time and going to an Emergency Room meant hours of waiting with my child in pain.  Bay College attended to us immediately, gave the diagnosis, and care plan, and even booked a follow-up as booked appointments are also available.  Both my son and I were relieved, and he was treated so carefully, we will be using Bay College frequently!”

Bay College was closed for quite some time due to the Pandemic, but is now fully opened again, and all government guidelines for Pandemic procedures are followed so the clinic is totally safe. Of course, wait times cannot be guaranteed as social distancing practices are in place, but if many walk-ins come in at one time, a time to return is immediately given so that patients do not have to wait endlessly.  Any wait time can also be eliminated as Bay College offers a LINK on their website where anyone can check the wait times when they need service.  This makes Bay College even more patient friendly. 

All physicians accept the Ontario Health Insurance Plans, and the pricing is transparent, so even if uninsured, patients know upfront how much everything will cost.  Security and personalized care are the overall mission of Bay College Walk-In Clinic, so all aspects of the clinic are geared to a great experience for each patient.

About Bay College Walk-In Clinic

Located in downtown Toronto, Bay College Walk-In is fully opened with extended hours even on weekends.  The clinic is only closed Sundays, and although walk-ins are welcomed there is also the choice of booking an appointment.  With extensive laboratory facilities and the latest technology, the clinic can handle most illnesses and injuries and there is an extensive list of services on their website.  They offer a list of wait times for walk ins also on the site, as well as a booking feature.  The quick, family-friendly atmosphere is why many patients choose this clinic for all their minor medical needs.  Of course, dire injuries or illnesses should be taken immediately to an Emergency facility. 

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