NHU won the “Meritorious Achievement Award for high-quality development” for the second time

On February 18, the first work day of the Chinese New Year, NHU won the “Meritorious Achievement Award for high-quality development” again at the economic work conference of the Xinchang County. On March 27,2020, NHU won the honor for the first time, the award represents widespread recognition of its achievements.

It is reported that the “Meritorious Achievement Award for high-quality development” is an award established by the Xinchang County to recognize collectives that have made outstanding contributions to the county’s economic work. Only two collectives, including the NHU, have been awarded this honor. 

As the secretary of the Xinchang goverment pointed out as early as last year, enterprises are the foundation of Xinchang County’s real economy, the foundation of taxation, employment, scientific and technological innovation and industrial transformation and upgrading; entrepreneurs are the main force and pillar of Xinchang County’s high-quality development, without Xinchang County’s entrepreneurs, Xinchang County would not be where it is today. The NHU is an integral part of Xinchang County’s businesses and plays an important role in Xinchang County’s economic development. 

NHU’s achievement today is the result of its hard work. NHU has always been committed to the enterprise tenet of “Creating wealth, achieving employees, benefitting society”, stick to the industry, deeply cultivate the main business, and strive to build the talent highland, transforming the existing advantages of enterprises into new potential energy for high-quality development. In the past year, the epidemic has affected every industry to a certain extent. NHU has kept its center of gravity and focused on business, focusing on the epidemic and production at the same time, unswervingly taking the road of innovation-driven and green development, and deepening the transformation and upgrading of digital intelligence in the industry, new breakthroughs in business development and new improvements in competitiveness have played an important role in strengthening the resilience of economic development, stabilizing society and improving people’s livelihood. 

The award is an affirmation that the NHU will use this to encourage itself and commit to continuing to implement the responsibility of the main body of enterprises, turning honor and trust into the driving force for development with the support of local community, relying on Xinchang’s  business environment and regional advantages, and relying on its own advantages of technology synergy and market synergy, we will unite as one and use our strength precisely to transform the existing advantages of the enterprise into new potential energy for high-quality development, we will strive to make breakthroughs in innovation, grow in competition, turn challenges into opportunities, and contribute to regional economic development. 

In the New Year, the NHU will maintain its original strategic focus, develop confidence more firmly and continue to carry forward the spirit of “Seeking truth, novelty, quality and effect”, not waiting, not hesitating, not stopping, not giving up, go all out to start a new journey of high-quality development.

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