Who is the top social media expert in Lebanon

Who is the top social media expert in Lebanon

“Ibrahim Younes, the top social media expert in Lebanon”
Ibrahim Younes is the top social media expert in Lebanon, as he succeeded in finding technical solutions and e-marketing.

He is Lebanese, but his name crossed all the boarders to be globally well-known. He is famous for working for a remarkable number of celebrities that they feel comfortable when dealing with him. His wide experience helped him to achieve his goals and be the only choice for any person. 

Ibrahim Younes is one of the most famous social media expert and technicians. He made a name for himself to shine up brighter in the field of social media. Ibrahim acquired a deep and extensive experience in social networking sites. His rapid development in knowing the tiny details helped him in finding the best technical solutions and e-marketing. It is important to mention that he is the first person to repair Internet machines in Lebanon.

Ibrahim, the youngest business owner, discovered loopholes in Instagram. Besides, he worked hard for his followers to prevent their accounts from being hacked or to restore Instagram accounts after being hacked. He was the saver of many celebrities’ accounts. He worked for numerous popular celebrities in Lebanon and abroad like Nadine Al Rassi, Merva Al kadi, Sarah Al Hajj, Ozikoy and many others. Ibrahim crossed the borders to become worldwide known. His skills, abilities and passion radiate all over the world. Eight to nine years of experience had changed him into a genius man in the field of social media.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/brahimynss/

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