Thermal Insulation Test Comparison Between Cesium-Doped Tungsten Oxide Cs0.33WO3 Glass And Ordinary Glass

Thermal Insulation Test Comparison Between Cesium-Doped Tungsten Oxide Cs0.33WO3 Glass And Ordinary Glass

Infrared light has a significant thermal effect, which easily leads to an increase in ambient temperature. Ordinary architectural glass has no heat insulation effect which can only be achieved by means such as filming. Therefore, the surface of architectural glass, car film, outdoor facilities, etc. needs to use heat insulation materials to achieve the effect of heat insulation and energy saving. In recent years, tungsten oxide has attracted widespread attention due to its excellent photoelectric properties, and cesium-doped tungsten oxide powder has extremely strong absorption characteristics in the infrared region, and at the same time, the visible light transmittance is high. Cesium tungsten bronze powder is currently an inorganic nano powder with the best near-infrared absorption capacity, as a transparent heat insulation material and a green energy-saving and environmentally friendly material, it has a wide range of application prospects in blocking infrared, glass heat insulation and other automobiles and buildings.

Nano cesium tungsten bronze,cesium-doped tungsten oxide Cs0.33WO3 not only has strong absorption characteristics in the near-infrared region (wavelength of 800-1100nm), but also has strong transmission characteristics in the visible light region (wavelength of 380-780nm), and in the ultraviolet region (wavelength of 200- 380nm) also has strong shielding characteristics.

Preparation of CsxWO3 Coated Glass

After the CsxWO3 powder is fully ground and ultrasonically dispersed, it is added to the 0.1g/ml polyvinyl alcohol PVA solution, stirred in water at 80°C for 40 minutes, and after aging for 2 days, roll coating on ordinary glass (7cm*12cm) *0.3cm) It is coated to make a thin film to obtain CsxWO3 coated glass.

Thermal insulation performance test of CsxWO3 coated glass

The insulation box is made of foam board. The internal space of the insulation box is 10cm*5cm*10.5cm. The top of the box has a rectangular window of 10cm*5cm. The bottom of the box is covered with a black iron plate, and the thermometer is tightly attached to the black iron. The surface of the board. Place the coated glass plate coated with CsxWO3 on the window of the heat-insulating confined space, so that the coated part completely covers the window of the space, and irradiate it with a 250W infrared lamp at a vertical distance of 25cm from the window. The temperature in the recording box varies with The relationship between exposure time changes. Use the same method to test blank glass sheets. According to the transmission spectrum of CsxWO3 coated glass, CsxWO3 coated glass with different cesium content has a high transmittance of visible light and a low transmittance of near-infrared light (800-1100nm). The NIR shielding trend increases with the increase of cesium content. Among them, the Cs0.33WO3 coated glass has the best NIR shielding trend. The highest transmittance in the visible light region is compared with the transmittance of 1100nm in the near infrared region. The transmittance of the district has dropped by about 12%.

Thermal insulation effect of CsxWO3 coated glass

According to the experimental results, there is a significant difference in the heating rate before the CsxWO3 coated glass with different cesium content and the blank uncoated glass. The magical heating rate of the CsxWO3 coating film with different cesium content is significantly lower than that of the blank glass. CsxWO3 films with different cesium content have good thermal insulation effect, and the thermal insulation effect of CsxWO3 film increases with the increase of cesium content. Among them, Cs0.33WO3 film has the best thermal insulation effect, and its thermal insulation temperature difference can reach 13.5℃ . The thermal insulation effect of CsxWO3 film comes from the near-infrared (800-2500nm) shielding performance of CsxWO3. Generally, the better the near-infrared shielding performance, the better its thermal insulation performance.

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