The Third Worldwide Mother Goose Children Nursery Rhyme Festival Ended Successfully

The 2021 “Mother Goose Children’s Nursery Rhyme Festival Worldwide” successfully ended with the production of the “Mother Goose 2021 Children’s Nursery Rhyme” sound album.


A brief overview of the Worldwide Children Nursery Rhyme Festival from MOTHER GOOSE

In 2019, for more families, parents, and children to experience the charm of Mother Goose nursery, the Mother Goose headquarter designated March 21st as the “Mother Goose Children’s Nursery Rhyme Festival,” using children’s nursery rhyme as a cultural carrier to link past, present and future. This year, Mother Goose hosted the festival for the 3rd time.  

The 2021 Festival was launched across one hundred Mother Goose campuses in China, and it lasted for an entire month. Children visited campuses with their parents and experienced the charm of Nursery Rhyme in a close distance. Kids were very excited when they saw the 3D playground constructions on site, and they wanted to have pictures taken with the Mother Goose cartoon character. In the game area, kids played games with their parents while listening to classic nursery rhymes in a joyful atmosphere.  

Now, let’s have a brief review of the highlights of this year’s festival.

The number of participating families has doubled  

The first festival in 2019 attracted tens of thousands of families to attend. In the following two years, Mother Goose has been growing rapidly as a thought leader in the field of early childhood education. This year, the number of families that participated in the festival was more than doubled. More and more families have joined us experiencing the charm of Mother Goose.

Production of Your Child’s First Recording Album

One highlight of this year’s festival was to collect children’s sound records. The festival committee received nearly 10,000 submissions. After two week’s evaluation by six judges, twelve kids were selected as final winners. We want to congratulate these twelve kids, who will receive their rewards including a picture book and an album with the original sound track of classic Mother Goose nursery rhymes.  

High media exposure – 170 million times

In this event, Mother Goose’s headquarter simultaneously launched a short video shooting activity on multiple social media, such as TikTok, Weibo, WeChat, etc. The theme was “Adorable Voice, Children Nursery Rhyme.” In less than one month, the total number of exposures reached 178,837,112 times! There are 23 users with more than 10,000 “popular likes”. Based on the rank order, we will send out Shanghai Disneyland parent-child package & food coupons, children’s dolls, picture books of Children Nursery Rhyme, and other exquisite gifts.


“Listening to the sounds of children, it hits the bottom of my heart, and it brings back the simplicity of my childhood, healing my heart.”

In this beautiful spring, we thank all the parents and children for their accompany.  Please search “Mother Goose” on major music platforms to experience the sound of nature and enjoy the sweet crit!

See you next year!

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