Compete Fundraising Launches New Innovative Fundraising Tools for Sports Team

Compete Fundraising Launches New Innovative Fundraising Tools for Sports Team
Finally, an easy and effective way for sports teams to raise cash. Compete Fundraising’s new website opens the door to a proven fundraising system that delivers results.

The ability to fundraise is more important than ever for athletes and sports teams. Often the difference between success and failure in this area is the system and tools deployed to bring the fundraising message to families and the rest of the community. The good news is that professional, proven help is available. In exciting news Compete Fundraising recently launched its new website that serves as the perfect introduction to the company’s breakthrough fundraising program that has seen success with schools, sporting teams, and events nationwide for over 15 years.

“We know that when it comes to the kind of fundraising we specialize in there’s a real need for the process to be smooth and seamless, efficient and successful,” commented a spokesperson from Compete Fundraising. “In the COVID-19 era, we have the tools to make fundraising possible virtually and from anywhere in the world!”

One of Compete Fundraising’s specialties is its Hour-A-Thon program. This is done directly with the coach or leader of the group raising funds. The Hour-A-Thon uses a direct text from the participant followed up by a phone call from the Compete Fundraising team which has a great chance of converting into an immediate donation. The fundraiser only lasts one hour, but this sense of urgency often delivers stunning results. Competitor’s systems often run for weeks and then take many more weeks to actually see the funds, something which can leave a school program or team’s future in mystery for quite some time.

Recent successes with the Hour-A-Thon include Football teams, Baseball teams, Softball teams, Track and Field teams, Basketball teams, Girls soccer teams, Volleyball teams, Wrestling teams, Cheer, and much more. Details can be seen at the new Compete Fundraising website.

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