The Use Of Refrigerating Oil For Automobile Air Conditioning

Refrigeration oil is the lubricating oil of automobile air-conditioning refrigeration system. When the automobile air-conditioning refrigeration system is working, the refrigerating oil moves along with the refrigerant in the system, and mainly plays the functions of lubrication, sealing, cooling and energy adjustment.

1. Why should the refrigerating oil be replaced in time?

a) Extend the service life of auto ac compressors and seals;
b) Reduce car ac compressor friction loss and reduce noise;
c) The refrigerating oil is replaced at the same time when the refrigerant is filled, and the refrigeration effect is better.

2. If the refrigerating oil is not changed for a long time, will it increase maintenance costs?

Although refrigerating oil is not as frequently used as engine oil, the replacement cycle is short, but if it is used for a long time, it will also suffer from deterioration and loss, which will affect the normal working conditions of the air conditioning and refrigeration system, and cause damage to the core components. In fact, most of the damage of the air-conditioning compressor is due to the deterioration or loss of the refrigerating oil, which results in the combined effects of impurities, sludge, and moisture in the air-conditioning pipeline. Once the auto ac compressor pulls the cylinder, the entire air conditioning system will be replaced, increasing maintenance costs!

Maintenance of the air-conditioning system is not only expensive, time-consuming and labor-intensive, but more serious is that due to the complexity of the air-conditioning system, even if the core components are repaired or replaced, there will be a greater probability that the air-conditioning system still cannot be restored to its maximum value. Good working condition.

Therefore, the refrigerating oil must be replaced in time. The standard reference is that the car should be replaced after 3 years or 60,000 kilometers, and then every two years.

3. How to use refrigerating oil?

a) Use the correct brand of refrigerating oil

In the air-conditioning system, the refrigerant and the refrigerating oil need to be completely miscible, so as to ensure that the compressor’s energy source is continuously lubricated. Mineral oil is compatible with R12, but completely incompatible with R134a; various compressors use different types and different brands of refrigerating oil, so you should strictly abide by the regulations when using it and not mix it up, otherwise it will damage the compressor and cause system failure.

Refrigeration oil has strict performance index requirements in terms of water content, impurities, lubricating performance, etc., and the use of unqualified refrigeration oil is strictly prohibited.

In addition, please note: Because the refrigerating oil has a certain water absorption capacity, even if it is a qualified refrigerating oil at first, if it is left in the air for a certain period of time, it will cause too much water in the oil. After being added to the system, it will cause system failure.

2. The correct filling amount

The air-conditioning system has strict regulations on the filling amount of refrigerating oil. If there is too much or too little refrigerating oil, it will cause the air-conditioning system to malfunction. When servicing the air-conditioning system, it is necessary to pour out the refrigerating oil or add the refrigerating oil according to the replacement parts. For example, when only the compressor is replaced, it is necessary to pour a certain amount of refrigerant oil inside the newly replaced compressor. When only replacing the condenser, a certain amount of refrigerating oil needs to be added.

It should be noted that some of the compressors that leave the factory have already been added with refrigerating oil (except for the compressors that do not need to be added with refrigerating oil), and the amount of refrigerating oil added to the auto ac compressor is specified by the air conditioning system of the compressor. The amount of refrigerating oil added to the entire air-conditioning system.

3. Explain in detail the method of adding refrigerating oil to the air conditioner

When replacing air-conditioning system components and discovering serious leaks in the air-conditioning system, refrigerating lubricant must be added.

The steps/processes for adding refrigerating oil are as follows:

1. Vacuum the refrigeration system first according to the vacuum method.
2. Choose a graduated measuring cup and add more refrigerated lubricating oil than the refrigerated lubricating oil to be replenished.
3. Connect the entire system as shown in the figure above, remove the low-pressure hose from one end of the meter group and extend it into the refrigerating oil. The high-pressure hose is still connected to the high-pressure inspection valve, and the middle hose is still connected to the vacuum pump.
4. Turn on the vacuum pump and open the high-pressure manual valve, and the refrigerating oil will be slowly sucked into the compressor.
5. After filling the refrigerated lubricating oil according to the vacuum method, vacuumize the refrigeration system and fill the refrigerant.


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