The working principle of portable air cooler and the maintenance knowledge of the cooling pad

The working principle of portable air cooler and the maintenance knowledge of the cooling pad

A portable air cooler has a wide range of devices such as fans, cooling pad, water pumps, and water tanks. The body is equipped with a power plug and a remote control. The chassis base is equipped with four casters, which can make the portable air cooler move as people like and let cool go.

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The working principle of the portable air cooler: It adopts direct evaporative refrigeration technology, the cooling medium is water, the water absorbs heat in the evaporation process, and the dry bulb temperature of the air is reduced to close to the wet bulb temperature of the air, thereby reducing the humidity of the inlet air; In hot and dry environments such as summer and autumn, the air has a large difference in temperature between dry and wet, so a good cooling effect can be achieved in this season, and the ambient temperature can be reduced by about 5-10 degrees. When it is not necessary to cool down, the portable air cooler can be used to deliver fresh air and exhaust the dirty air, creating a healthy and clean working environment indoors.

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Cooling pad and cooling pad air cooler are suitable for ventilation and cooling of various workshops such as leather, welding, printing and dyeing. Reasonable maintenance of the cooling wet curtain can improve its work efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and extend the use time.


Before shutting down the cooling pad every day, cut off the cooling pad water source and let the fan continue to run for 30 minutes or more, so that the cooling pad is completely dry before shutting down. This helps prevent the growth of algae and avoid blocking the pump and filter. And cloth water pipes. Algae can grow on any light, humid, and bare surface. Here are some suggestions to prevent its growth:

1. Although chlorine and bromine can prevent the growth of algae, they are potentially harmful to the core of the cooling wet curtain and need to be used with caution;

2. Do not use open pond water;

3. Water with better water quality;

4. Cover the water supply tank to prevent exposure to the sun and the entry of dust in the air;

5. After cutting off the water source, let the fan run for a period of time;

6. The water self-sufficient system is isolated from other systems;

7. The cooling pad should avoid direct sunlight.

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