Philanthropist Bonnie Lynn Shows Easy Methods To Start Online Ventures And Quit The Conventional Job

Philanthropist Bonnie Lynn Shows Easy Methods To Start Online Ventures And Quit The Conventional Job

Inspirational writer and philanthropist Bonnie Lynn has launched an ebook platform. For under $10.00 anyone can purchase (PLR) Private Label Rights to resell the most relevant and up-to-date ebooks, under their own name or brand. Various mastery how-to training is offered, such as online marketing, Facebook, Instagram, and much more. There are millions of individuals seeking to start an online business. This platform reveals how to set up home-based or online businesses and say goodbye to that dreary, routine job. Bonnie has been there and done that, and the proof is in his newly launched website, Having all the right tools and relevant ebooks in place. Learners can start making income today. This is a launch to a successful rebound post-Covid-19. God Bless the child, that’s got his own,

The global pandemic has negatively affected everyone. People have lost jobs overnight and are struggling to make ends meet. Having a successful online business is the way to secure the future and have financial freedom. Quick Profit Ebooks platform was created so people will have a tried and proven online business that creates your desired life without having to work on a JOB. Throughout this year the world has seen many acts of kindness. Now it’s time to be kind to oneself. Financial independence is key.

“Making money online seems quite difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Go to There you become an online ebook provider. You can select one ebook at a time for under $10 and promote it, or you can start with your very own ebook website up and ready for orders within 24 hours. No technical experience is needed. All the work is done. Once you purchase an ebook you are licensed to resell it forever. I was making so much more without spending hours on a job working for someone else. I loved being my own boss”, said a 27-year-old Richard who has been reselling e-books for the last 6 months.

For someone who is looking to start an online business or have a second income,(PLR Private Label Rights) is a no-brainer. Simply post and watch the business take off. This opportunity allows individuals to start selling their own branded ebooks for under $10.00. This is an easy path to financial security and freedom. Today is a good time to BYOB (Become Your Own Boss) and earn passive income.

“The only way to get it is to make it happen for yourself” Only with today’s technology is this possible. The possibilities are right at the fingertips. Anyone with a computer and internet can start earning an income while helping others do the same.

“Thank the Lord, the pandemic is coming to an end. Businesses are reopening. Employees are expected to report back to their old jobs or find new ones. So what are we to do? We need to re-position ourselves for the life we desire. Do not allow yourselves to go back between a rock and a hard place. What if another pandemic occurred, or some other unexpected catastrophe?” says Bonnie. Empower oneself. Be the change, and others will surely follow.

COVID-19 has negatively impacted many lives. However, it has also brought the realization that a passive income is definitely needed. Bonnie wants to share these insights and knowledge of what possibilities lie ahead. People need not be passive themselves, but they do need passive income. There is a silver lining and the silver lining is A most simple and effective way to earn an income online.


I am an inspirational writer and philanthropist. My heart’s desire is helping elevate lower-income and underserved populations. Not a handout, but a hand up. In the 90’s I created a non-profit organization that distributed healthy foods directly to families, living in a food desert (low-income communities without grocery stores in the area). Again I feel the need to take action, so those affected by COVID will be better off than before.

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