Jaton Glassware Remains a Top Option Among Chinese Glassware Manufacturers

A lot of careful precision goes into developing glassware. This is why most manufacturers are not able to offer the same level of quality that customers expect from them. However, Jaton Glassware is one option that has been a name that consistently proves their effectiveness to their customers. The company is the developer of over 2000 products that are sold to an international list of clients. Over the past decade, they have solidified themselves as one of China’s top manufacturers of glassware.

Their collection is frequently updated and includes a wide array of glassware. Many consider them to be the top option of beer glass suppliers in the market. In addition to this, their collection also includes a number of other choices such as cocktail glasses, wine glasses, kitchenware and home decoration.

As one of China’s leading glassware manufacturers, the company is dedicated to uplifting their quality and standard. One of their primary goals over the past decade has been to innovate and provide customers with new and unique glassware items. As a result, they try to customize, and ensure that each customer is able to receive a product that is tailor-made to match their needs. Thus, many consider Jaton Glassware to be their first choice for their glassware needs.

Their personalized glassware is made with a lot of care, and worked on to ensure absolute perfection. Whether one needs to tint, rim, paint or carve out one’s glassware, their exceptional team is able to do so. Furthermore, with quality being a core focus, they never compromise or cut corners around it. For this reason, many of their customers think that they are one of the best wine glass manufacturers in China. Jaton Glassware hopes to continue providing to their many clients with the same zeal and high standard.

About Jaton Glassware:

Jaton Glassware is among the leading providers and suppliers and manufacturers of glassware in Northern China. Primarily working in Shanxi, where they have a factory, their base of production is known throughout China as one of the largest. Their collection of products includes beer glasses, wine glasses, cocktail glasses, home decoration and kitchenware. Additionally, they strive to meet all the requirements and needs of their customers. They excel at making personalized and customized glassware too. Their team is exceptional at handling various processing techniques including tinting, gold rimming, decal, painting and more.  

For more information: http://www.jatonglass.com/

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