Spiritual Reader Jasmine Whitfield Brings Empowering Solutions, Enabling Personal Transformations

Spiritual reader Jasmine Whitfield uses her natural gifts to empower the lives of people and aids them in seeking a better physical and spiritual life. Her company, Spiritual Readings From The Heart, is here to enable emotional and spiritual enlightenment in every situation. Jasmine is helping bridge the gap between the present version of her clients and the emboldened self they could be.

Hi, I’m Jasmine. It is my pleasure for your being here and taking a step of faith in trusting me. I’m 27 years old and am blessed with two beautiful daughters. The first thing that may come to your mind is, “But wait, you’re young!”. You’re right, my age is young, but my soul is very aged”, says the spiritual reader, Jasmine Whitfield.

Jasmine’s primary goal through her readings is to have an uplifting impact on the lives of her clients. Her methods embody honesty, trust and accuracy. The readings are meant to simply help people overcome certain obstacles in their lives that may be holding them back. All her clients are given the chance to have a fresh, new start. She recently conducted a reading for Prince DaJour from Rhapsody. 

I allowed God to use me with this gift he has blessed upon me since the age of thirteen. I do spiritual readings from my heart, and yet I’m still growing in my gift. So don’t be afraid, get your reading today, and let me show you the light through this spiritual way. God bless you”, says the spiritual reader, Jasmine Whitfield. 

One of the core values that Jasmine upholds is respecting the privacy of her clients. Because of the nature of her work, she is often required to know the deep secrets of the people who consult her. Therefore, she has established an absolute confidential space between herself and the client. Jasmine makes sure to surround herself with positivity to ensure that her results are dependable and accurate.

Y’all need to pay like right now! This girl just read my entire life to me like it was nothing. I had questions, but I didn’t ask them because she told me the answers before I said a word. And to be clear, I don’t discuss my private life on social media. However, she told me all my business. I resonated with everything”, says a grateful client, Tina Wilson.

Jasmine was born in a small town in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. She had to raise herself from the young age of thirteen. Because of deep pain in her past, she suffered mental, physical and emotional abuse. But she refused to drown her sorrows with drink or drugs. Jasmine believes that her past has enabled her to become the person she is today.

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