Celebrity Astrologer Karen Moregold’s New App Shows How to Get Beautiful Hair By the Moon’s Growth Cycles

Throughout her decades of working as a celebrity astrologer, Moregold’s hair has always been one of her trademarks. Now she’s sharing her secrets.

AUSTRALIA – Karen Moregold is giving users the latest key to healthy, beautiful hair—following the moon cycles. Moregold has been a celebrity astrologer since the 1960s and has shared her wisdom in magazines and shows like Woman’s Weekly, New Idea, and Good Morning Australia. During her time in the media, her hair has become one of her visual trademarks, gaining comments and positive responses from fans worldwide. Now she is sharing how she does it—cutting her hair during fertile moon cycles to improve its condition and growth.

The Karen Moregold Beautiful Hair app uses a simple, engaging interface, showing users a calendar with the fertile moon cycles marked in green and barren moon cycles marked in red. Moregold advises users to cut their hair during the fertile cycles, putting it in step with natural growth cycles to improve length, volume, and quality. In addition, users can shave or wax in barren cycles in order to slow and thin out unwanted hair growth. The app provides twelve months of information for the price of a coffee and includes features like notifications, which users can set based on when they want to be reminded.

“At last!” said one customer, “An easy, concise app that makes it simple to glance at the correct dates to get my hair cut, and therefore, make an appointment with my hairdresser. I know it works because I’ve been using the moon’s cycle for years. My hairdresser is always commenting on how quickly it grows and just how thick it is. Thank you, Karen. I’ve been watching you on TV for years. Now I know your secret for having such beautiful hair.”

The Karen Moregold Beautiful Hair app is the beauty resource that can improve anyone’s hair quality with just a simple timing of their schedule. The app offers quality information based on years of experience and is simple and easy to use, offering cycle timings down to the hour.

More information on the Karen Moregold and the Beautiful Hair app is available on the App Store, as well as Moregold’s Facebook page, Youtube channel, and website.

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