AURAFAN Unveils A Complete Range Of Powerful Contemporary Ceiling Fans With Advanced Features

The Saigon, Vietnam based company, is taking over the market for high-performance indoor climate control appliances by revamping traditional ceilings fans and embedding them with modern features such as built-in lights, remote control technology, robust motors, and more.

Summers in Vietnam lasts for approximately six months.  On days when the region experiences the highest temperatures, it’s challenging to live without efficient ventilation and an air cooling system in indoor spaces. However, with the rising cost of electricity and due to the current pandemic, the use of air conditioners is not a viable option as it might lead to respiratory diseases and a high utility bill. The only suitable choice left is a ceiling fan to get through the long summers, but a large pool of users have expressed that the conventional three-blade ones also have limited performance in terms. In response to customer feedback looking for an alternative to noisy ceiling fans that can be disruptive or expensive air conditioners, AURAFAN (quạt trần AURAFAN) offers a solution that blends sleek design aesthetics with the latest technology to keep rooms cool even when it’s hot outside.

AURAFAN has set the bar high by developing fans with powerful features and enhancing its design to make it look beautiful in any room of a house or office. The fans come in beautiful and diverse designs. Their design team has spent years researching, designing, and implementing ceiling fan features to produce the best possible experience for consumers looking for quiet, efficient, and air volume exceeding industry standards. For enhanced convenience of the users, the company has also innovated and designed a remote control for their ceiling fans with added functions like timer, speed control, and reverse/forward option.

Noise is a significant concern for many people who are looking for a ceiling fan. The company is committed to developing the most silent fans on the market, and they have taken it upon themselves to ensure that their customers will never be disturbed by noise again and that too without compromising the performance of the fans. The company has built the fans with premium ABS material. The ABS material is durable and easy to maintain; it’s also weather resistant which means the fan will always look fresh and neat. Fans are available with or without built-in light for different needs as the lights eliminate the need for an extra bulb or a light fixture like Chandeliers and night bulbs.

Ceiling fan AURAFAN products are efficient enough to ensure high performance with the least amount of noise. When used in combination with an air conditioner, they can cool the surrounding environment in addition to circulating air assisting in saving electricity. The newest addition to the AURAFAN family is their star product, “Quạt trần TROPICAL” which transforms the area into a relaxing, resort-style ambiance. Inspired by palm leaves and cool breezes, Tropical Ceiling Fan has beautifully detailed polymer blades that have been carefully crafted to evoke a resort-style aesthetic and provides quiet and gentle airflow. Alongside all of this, the company’s customer service team is available 24/7 to help out with anything the consumers need or can’t find on their website – so don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0902885886.

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