Piano For All Reviews – Detailed Report On Piano For All Training Guide

Most readers of this Piano For All review come here looking to learn more details about this piano training program. Created by Mr. Robin Hall, this guide is claimed to the most complete and easy program to take people from piano beginners to intermediate or expert musicians.

The Piano For All program includes several interactive ebooks, videos, audio samples, etc, to help people understand playing the piano. By helping them learn from interactive lessons that teach the art first, then the theory, the Piano For All will help anyone become expert piano or keyboard players in no time. 

Piano For All Reviews – A Complete Training Program To Learn The Piano! 

This Piano For All review will go into the details of this program. This review will take a look at its principles and teaching methods. It will also go through the lessons as well any requirements it has. Reading the complete Piano For All review will help decide if this is a useful program or not. 

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Product Name Piano For All
Main Benefits Help people learn the art of playing a piano or keyboard.
Creator Robin Hall
Duration 20-30 minutes per day
Price $39.00
Official Website Click Here

Piano For Alla training guide created for piano enthusiasts. This program offers bite-sized lessons, tips, and tricks to help people learn the art of playing a piano or keyboard. By helping people learn to play popular and familiar songs, ballads, etc, this Piano For Allprogram promises to make anyone a piano master.

The Piano For All program does not require expensive equipment, subscriptions, or recurring fees. All that is needed is a piano or keyboard, even if digital, and 20-30 minutes per day. 

The program teaches the basics of playing a piano or keyboard, reading musical notations, and composing a musical piece. The creator of this program, Robin Hall, takes a learn first, ask later, approach in his lessons.

He teaches people how to play first and then introduces the musical theories and concepts behind them. This way, they will be able to understand music and play by ear or even improvise by the end of the Piano For All program.

About the creator

The author of the Piano for all guide is an American named Robin Hall. He is a renowned musician who has released several works, composer, and a music teacher. His experience in the music industry, and the need for a comprehensive and easy-to-use piano training program, led to the creation of Piano For All.

To date, he has helped more than a quarter of a million people learn the ins and outs of playing the piano. 

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How does Piano For All work?

The Piano For All program is a series of lessons taught through 9 different guides. Progressing from the basics and introduction to piano, they teach the student keys, notes, and other musical concepts. The advanced modules of this program will also teach people the popular techniques, methods used by notable musicians. Also, these will teach them advanced musical skills too.

All 9 guides in this series are interactive ebooks that can be used on just about any device. These can be downloaded and viewed on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. And these include important video lessons, and audio samples, etc, that will help with the learning process.

These do not require a network connection and can be viewed or listened to right on the ebook itself. A keyboard, cheap digital piano, etc, would suffice for the practice, and it takes no more than 20-30 minutes a day to practice. However, users end up outplaying their instrument as well as this practice time by the end of the Piano For All program, says the website.  

The creator of this program, Robin Hall, has a great understanding of music and has thus laid out this program logically, says one of its reviews. Robin claims that each module of the Pianoforall program introduces musical ideas to students at the right time.

This helps to make sense of such intricate concepts much easier. This way, the users of the Piano For All program will be able to go from piano novices to masters in very little time. 

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Features of Piano For All

Piano For All guide offers great features to anyone looking to learn to play the piano or keyboard. Besides helping people play the most popular songs and ballads of the day, as well as years past, this program helps them develop their musical taste, creativity, and understanding. Some of the features of the Piano For All program are given below. 

  • Build a strong foundation in piano or keyboard: Get a strong and stable understanding of playing a piano or keyboard to start the musical journey.
  • Learn to play beautiful music pieces on the piano: Learn to play some of the most catchy and liked songs, musical pieces, etc, to become the life of any gathering.
  • Understand advanced musical theories and concepts: Make sense of intricate musical concepts and theories that often takes years of lessons and practice, in a short period.
  • Learn tips and tricks to create music easily: Understand the methods, tips, and tricks commonly used to make playing the piano or making music much easier. 
  • Play by the ear, or improvise: Learn advanced skills such as reading sheet music, playing by ear, improvising, and music composition, etc.

What’s included?

Piano For All program spans a total of 9 guides that the users can practice progressively. These graduate the users from one skill of playing the piano to the next. These guides are as follows. 

  • Book #1 – Party Time/ Play By Ear/ Rhythm Piano

Teaches chords, 10 classic party rhythms, piano chord ballads, keyboard diagrams, tricks, bluffs, formulas, and many progressions. 

  • Book #2 – Blues And Rock ‘N’ Roll

Learn great blues and Rock ‘N’ Roll piano rhythms used to play hundreds of instantly recognizable songs.

  • Book #3 – Chord Magic

Learn piano memory tricks, progressions, and chord inversion, etc, to play the piano with speed and mastery.

  • Book #4 – Advanced Chords Made Easy

Learn the advanced piano chords the easy way through a selection of songs, progressions, and a rhythm chart.

  • Book #5 – Ballad Style

Learn to create ballad styles using chord understanding and to create melodies using them.

  • Book #6 – Jazz Piano Made Easy

Learn to play traditional Jazz piano, Modern Jazz improvisations runs, riffs, blue scales, and patterns, etc. 

  • Book #7 – Advanced Blues & Fake Stride

Expand the blues practice using the rhythms, learn to play ‘fake strider’ and a version of The Entertainer.

  • Book #8 – Taming The Classics

Tackle classic piano pieces by learning to play by ear and read sheet music through the techniques taught.

  • Book #9 – Speed Learning

Speed Learn the piano using the fun yet helpful exercises in progressions, scales, etc.

These guides also contain related video references as well as lessons that can be watched right from the ebook. There are 200 videos and more than 500 audio samples with this program. This helps make learning the piano much easier. And once downloaded, they do not require a network connection at all. 

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Pros and cons of Piano For All program


  • Offline access, Anytime
  • Available on any device
  • Free updates
  • One-time investment
  • Unbeatable Support


  • Available for purchase only on the official website

Who is Piano For All for?

Based on Piano For All reviews, Pianoforall is a program created for anyone looking to learn to play the piano or keyboard. And this program suits people of all ages and musical acumen. The simple, easy-to-follow guides will help anyone learn to play the piano.

People looking to learn to play some piano songs can use it to become the star of the party. Children can use the Piano For All program to start their musical journey. Those who play other instruments can use this guide to diversify. Even those who are familiar with sheet music can use this program to learn a thing or two. 

Pianoforall customer reviews

Piano For All Price & Availability

Piano For All guide is available for purchase today at very affordable prices, exclusively on the official website. This will help the customers purchase only the authentic and complete Piano For All program by Robin Hall. Also, this helps them cater directly to the end-user, keeping their prices very low.

They were offering a complete data DVD-ROM of this program before, which has been discontinued due to the pandemic. Today, the download version can be purchased for a discounted price of $39.00, one-time, as part of a promotional offer. This price includes:

  • 9 Interactive EBooks
  • 500 Embedded Audios
  • 200 Video Lessons
  • Email Support
  • Life-Time Free Updates

They are also offering a foolproof moneyback guarantee with each purchase. This offers a full refund of the money for up to 60 days from the date of purchase if the Piano For All program is not satisfactory.

Piano For All Reviews – Final Verdict

Piano For All program offers a complete training program for anyone looking to learn the piano or keyboard. By helping people play first and learn later, the Piano For All program offers to teach the most advanced techniques of the piano easily.

People will be able to learn, memorize, and utilize musical theory and concepts in their music with this program. They will learn advanced tips, tricks, etc to help them create music. 

As said in Piano For All review, Piano For All guide has been created for people from all walks of life, and age groups. This program can be used by musicians who play other instruments or read sheet music or novices beginning their musical journey. Its user base of more than a quarter of a million include celebrities, children, professionals, and even housewives. 

So, the Piano For All program is worth a try for anyone looking to learn to play the piano. The Piano For All program is thorough, comprehensive, and easy. And it also comes with a risk-free money-back guarantee.


  • How fast can I access the Piano For All program?

The moment a purchase is completed on the official website, a download is sent to the registered email. This can be used to download all the guides, videos, and audio, etc. 

  • Do I need third-party applications?

Using the Pianoforall program on a computer or iOS device may not need such applications. However, Android users will have to use the free KOTOBEE reader, as suggested by the website.

  • Does Piano For All require a real piano?

No. the Piano For All program can be practiced using a keyboard, or even a digital piano. 

  • Does Piano For All need an internet connection?

No. Except for the initial download of all content, the Piano For All program does not require an internet connection. All the videos, and audio, are embedded in the guides.

  • What about the money-back guarantee?

The money-back-guarantee offers a 100% refund for up to 60 days from the date of purchase if the Piano For All program is good enough.

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