Miss Anna Alimani defends USA at “Miss Elite” in Egypt

Miss Anna Alimani defends USA at "Miss Elite" in Egypt

“Miss Anna Alimani defends USA at “Miss Elite” in Egypt”
Top fashion model Miss Anna Alimani is now representing her beloved country in Egypt at “Miss Elite”.

Top fashion model Miss Anna Alimani is now representing her beloved country in Egypt at “Miss Elite”. As it is her first opportunity to represent USA over the seas, Miss Anna Alimani is very excited to showcase the pride, confidence, and what makes America great on a global platform.

“Success, like anything in life, has a price and a cost but it is well worth the price…”, “The most important driving factor for me is that I want to be seen, I want to be known, I want NOTORIETY I want to be the ‘it’ girl…” Miss Anna Alimani’s words definitely shows to what extent she is a thorough, ambitious and a hardworking woman intent on achieving all her goals. Anna Alimani had countless achievements since she has risen at age 18 years old. Earlier in her life, Anna Alimani modeled in Los Angeles and New York, besides she took a vital place in numerous fashion weeks, modeled for leading magazines and casted for various covers including L’Officiel and so many others.

With great enthusiasm, the cover model Miss Anna Alimani is now the first ever Miss Elite USA representing her country over the seas in a very unique, international pageant that is taking place in Cairo, Egypt. “I’m quite excited for the event,” Anna claims, “I’ve actually done Zoom calls with all the other girls around the world, so we already know each other, and we’re like a big, international family.”, Anna’s words clearly describe how enthusiastic she is in this pageant.

Never to miss up, it is her first opportunity in which she is very excited and fortunate that she is going to represent her country this worldwide pageant that gives her a chance to interact, intermingle and compete with the entire world. Not only that her appearance and outfit are as special as the occasion; but also her luxurious finale dress is designed by top celebrity designer, Valdrin Sahiti one of the best evening dresses/gowns designer in the world. Although it may be her first pageant, Anna is excited to be representing her country and will always give the best, and utmost effort to put her best foot forward for the land of her birth, as for winning she simply says with a clever and coy smile, “I will always be a winner.”

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