Predictiv Inc. Partners with SOMOS to Conduct Research and Develop Strategies for Clinical Decision Making

The partnership between Predictive and SOMOS is geared towards Hispanic people and ensuring that medical practitioners efficiently make informed clinical decisions when treating Hispanic and Latin Americans

Hispanic and Latino Americans are the second-largest ethnic group in the United States of America. Over 60 million Hispanic and Latino people live in the US, and Predictiv Inc. seeks to reach out to this ethnic group with tailored medical attention.

To provide the Hispanic community with medical services that are suited to them, Predictiv has partnered with SOMOS Inc. to conduct research and develop strategies to support clinical decision-making by doctors handling cases of Hispanic people.

“Predictive is customizing its predictive AI engine to Latin Americans with this partnership and providing personalized DNA-based digital twins to each participant. It will lead to discovering meaningful genomic markers specific for Latin Americans and provide intelligence of digital twins for each participant to guide preventive medical interventions. This partnership would be a foundation stone in solving health disparities,” Sajung Yun, CEO of Predictiv, said.

As partners, Predictive and SOMOS will work together to provide deeper insights to healthcare professionals and patients on the genetic dispositions of Hispanic people and how they react to drugs. It will be in the Hispanic people’s best interest and would provide them the opportunity to enjoy the best medical services in the US.

Speaking on behalf of SOMOS, CEO Federico W. von Son had this to say, “Latinos represent less than 1.2% in genetic studies. SOMOS is helping Latino minorities to become represented in scientific research. We are very excited to announce our partnership with Predictive Care to advance in the understanding of clinically relevant information that can translate into innovative services and scientific findings for the Latino/ Hispanic/ Native American community.”

Both partners have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which spells out the rules of engagement and the roles each party would be playing in achieving the vision of better healthcare for Hispanic people. The MoU is available on Predictiv’s official website.

SOMOS is a DNA testing company that is proudly Latino. They plan by 2022 to become the first and largest Pan American DAO (Decentralized, Autonomous Organization) for Dynamic and Democratized Digital Health Integrated by 2 pilars:

Pan American Latam Biohub Consortium for Biotech & Bio banking Democratization and Decentralization.

Through this partnership, SOMOS will collect DNA samples from Latino and Indigenous participants within the SOMOS bio bank strategies, and offer the Predictiv clinical services to their customers through a joint strategy.

Predictiv will also provide its bioinformatic analysis capabilities for the identification of potential unique markers linked to Native American/Hispanic/Latino heritage.

Ancestral Assembly for Recognition & Reward and self-determination of the Indigenous Nations.

About Predictiv Inc.

Founded by Johns Hopkins researchers and serial entrepreneurs, Predictive is a ground-breaking genomics-based solution aiming at proactive medicine. Predictive uses a unique technology that provides a DNA-Based digital twin for health that analyzes a patient’s whole genome to predict and prevent risks on more than 22,000 diseases and simulate reactions to 750 drugs.

About SOMOS Inc.

SOMOS is the first company to create a decentralized genetic database for Latin Americans to track their ethnic origins. Knowing more about one’s ancestry can help users and researchers to identify genetic dispositions to prevent diseases and treat medical conditions potentially. The data created by SOMOS will be used to develop new drugs and health strategies for Latinos/ Hispanics/ Native Americans.

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