Creative Technologists Launches a Unique Project To Spread the Message of Love

Body Type launched by creative technologists to spread the message of love.

Body Type, a unique project that reveals how perfection does not have any form, has been launched by a team of creative technologists and artists. Here, the user creates designs by grooving to their favorite song and technology does the rest.

“Body Type is a unique project that shows how perfection is devoid of any form,” says a team member associated with the Body Type project. “It chooses the creative medium of music to drive home the message that music can free us from what we consider perfect. We chose a suitably tweaked Helvetica platform for the purpose.”

The typeface chosen for the project, Helvetica, is considered by most people as the perfect one. It is purposed to music and dance by incorporating the body into its design.

The movement began with the creation of a poster that was shared on the social media channel Instagram. It was created using inspirational lyrics and music to lead people to the Body Type website where users can create their own body type effortlessly.

Users begin by naming their biggest insecurity, choosing their music, and dancing their worries away.

With Body Type, the body of the user dictates the design. They are free to choose any song that makes them feel good. The movement tracking data is used for creating a typeface that’s unique to every user.

They can even have the copyright on their special creation. Users can download their unique body type, get a certification of ownership. They can create their own designs, and customize their unique body type merchandise to order.

It’s a great way of showing how people can overcome their insecurities and gain confidence. They can use their body type creations to inspire others to create their own body type.

“Regardless of whether someone is big, small, short, tall, long, or oblong, they can use their kind of music to create their special body type. It is yours to own, love, and celebrate,” the team representative adds.

Body Type is a powerful and effective way of spreading love and helping others realize this valuable emotion. This one-of-its-kind project can help create a community of confident individuals, all happily dancing away in unison to their favorite rhythms.

The team members associated with the Body Type project are Creative Technologists, Sukratti Jain and Paras Juneja, Art Director Rose Elise Achard, and Copywriter Adam Braun.

Body Type has won the following awards for its unique efforts and powerful impact:

  1. Wood Pencil – D&AD New Blood Awards
  2. Gold – Muse Creative Award
  3. Gold – Vega Digital Award
  4. Silver – Creativity International Award
  5. Finalist – Communication Arts Typography Competition
  6. Shortlist – The Side Show
  7. Honorable Mention – Graphis New Talent Awards 

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